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Stillness and calmness are the children of integrity; simplicity is the companion of integrity. — Christina Feldman”

“RT @WildOpenness: Expand your mind, focus on the silence and spaciousness behind and in between all thoughts. All noise and movement arises out of stillness.”

“"@shaleminstitute The one journey that ultimately matters is the journey in2 the place of stillness deep within one's self. N. Gordon Cosby"”

“RT @gravity_center: The contemplative is supported by solitude + silence + stillness...

Solitude for presence

Silence to listen

Stillness for impact”

“ The world needs to be reminded of stillness, virtue, lovingkindness and inner freedom.

— Jack Kornfield”

“RT @Aquariuseyes Stillness is what creates Love Movement is what creates Life To be still And still moving— That is everything. Do Hyun Choe”

“"@DharmaTalks: Just like there is space inside an atom, there is space within us that is the peace and love of the Divine. ~'~ #Stillness"”

“RT @YogawithCR: I know from personal experience that true, unshakeable happiness & peace comes from within me, not outside of me. #meditation #stillness

“"@lucyrl: "Within you there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat any time." - Herman Hesse"”

“RT @explorelife Beyond the ordinary noise of the mind is a deep abundant flowing stream of wisdom located only in the silence and stillness.”

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