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“This is exciting! @kickstarter projects by women more likely to succeed, apparently! ”

“For a RPG to pass the Bechdel Test it must contain two women who fight each other about something that's not a man. Does that sound right?”

“People, don't say "men hate women." Some men do. Don't include me in that groups please. I don't hate women. Love, the feminist man.”

You Are Not So Smart

You Are Not So Smart

Listening to the @notsmartblog podcast. Terrific show! Wonderful that he has great women scientists on the show too!

Science Production Company Screenhouse Gives Leg Up to Women

Science Production Company Screenhouse Gives Leg Up to Women

RT @ZoeFCunningham: Maggie Aderin-Pocock and Screenhouse Productions put more women on TV @thewomensroomuk

“OMG! These women are *gorgeous*! This is why we don't need more chainmail bikini shit!”

“There's some email plotting to add a show to the podcast channel produced exclusively by women. I'm mega excited by what I'm reading!”

“Great, now I have to argue with someone that there aren't more women in comic books because "women haven't been interested and nothing else"”

“RT @rachelhills: I'm writing a story for a UK mag on the rise and fall of Julia Gillard, and am looking for Aussie women aged 25-35 to comment. Can you help?”

“Oh my! "Emancipation and women's liberation did more to destroy this nation's fabric than if those groups had allowed the system to work"”

“RT @London_Geekfest: Everything geeky & feminist: women in gaming, film & TV, gender roles in SFF, inclusiveness in geek spaces - join us! ”

“No RT @CipherAgent17: fairness, I'd say it depends on ability scores. Fact: women are less muscular than men. Not all men, but a good number”

“Ridiculous. RT @CipherAgent17: @gmsmagazine perhaps women should have an inherent cha bonus when interacting with the opposite sex?”

“If there are capped abilities scores for women, then #dndnext and WOTC can fuck themselves. I'm not interested in a sexist #rpg of any kind.”

“Was interviewed by @Morrus about sexism in games. He asked what I thought of capped abilities scores for women in #dndnext. I replied..cont:”

“"Women who wear trousers are demonstrating 'hostile behaviour'". That's what a former UKIP donnor says. Charming!”

“If the GM tells the only woman player around the table "women can use 'flirt' to get info from men", I think leaving the game is OK. I did.”

“Have to say, though, it's made me keener to draft something. It'll be an #rpg for men in which they can only play women. And it'll be horror”

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