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“ A boy asked my kids: Are you Shia or Sunna?
They didn't know.
Then he asked: Are you 3arbawy or qadsawy?

People still ask that? XD”

“I'm not talking about Hezbollah soldiers being killed, but Shia civilians being killed for being Shia. That's the inhumanity of sectarianism”

“You give Shia reason to oppose the Syrian uprising if they see it as a threat to them regionally & they hear of Shia being killed in Syria”

“And don't claim that your support of the Syrian rebels is out of your humanity when you overlook the killing of Shia in Syria...”

“If you oppose Hezbollah's support of Bashar, make it clear that you are against Hezbollah, not all Shia...”

“If you claim that the Shia pose a threat to the Arab World, you are either racist (because you think Shia come from Persia) or sectarian...”

“The myth is of a Shia Crescent that poses a threat to Sunni countries. There is no historical or political basis for such a threat...”

“I fear for the Shia of Syria *NOT* because I'm a Shia, but becaue there's a clear sectarian threat directed towards Shia, fueled by a myth..”

“I support the Syrian uprising, but am afraid that an Islamist party will take over Syria and oppress minorities (esp the Shia)...”

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