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“RT @pricing: Customers are not going to ask you to raise your prices. If you are afraid, you are not alone, but don't let fear dictate your profits.”

“RT @levie: You can't build what customers need tomorrow if you're stuck with yesterday's business model and processes.”

“RT @hijonathan: @hnshah thanks. I'm always surprised how easy it is to think I share my customers pain. Many times, I'm dead wrong. Nothing beats asking.”

How we're doing, 1 year in.

How we're doing, 1 year in.

RT @alphacolin: How is doing, 1 year in. (not an april fools joke)

“RT @KISSmetrics: An early @MyAnalyticsApp customer says, "This @GoogleAnalytics app is the best I've seen so far." Get early access: ”

“RT @bensardella: If you are not taking care of your customer, your competitor will.
-Bob Hooey”

“RT @bensardella: Congrats to my team @KISSmetrics for a record breaking qtr. The desire to delight 1000s of customers & 100s of new ones monthly is inspiring”



Learn what your SaaS customers want by attending tomorrow's @KISSmetrics webinar

“Firing Your Customers /by @adii

“RT @SeanEllis: OK, besides finding scalable pos ROI customer acquisitions channels, what is your biggest marketing challenge?”

“RT @KISSmetrics: "The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself." Peter Drucker”

“RT @levie: Simplification isn't about limiting what you do, it's about limiting what the customer sees.”

“RT @Evanish: It's awesome when you're building a feature update and get an email from a customer asking for exactly what you're making. #CustomerDriven”

“RT @flyosity: Still can't believe how many UX and PM people don't talk to customers. It's like the easiest secret sauce that they're not doing.”

“RT @allenmorgan: Tough lesson to re-learn: Don't confuse a technology innovation w/any of these: (1) a product, (2) a customer solution or (3) a market need.”

“RT @danmartell: Customers will never truly understand the insane amount of time, thought, sacrifice, etc that went into the product they're using.”

“RT @JacobTaylor0: Every entrepreneur should be a sign spinner.
1. Find your customer.
2. Captivate their attention.
3. Point them to your biz.
4. Repeat.”

Your Startup WILL Fail. Want To Know Why?

Your Startup WILL Fail. Want To Know Why?

RT @dcancel: Stop coding and start talking to customers. Your other option is failure. Simple. - #custdev

“RT @bensardella: "have the courage to start with the customer" - Andrew Mason”

“RT @bensardella: Another record month all around @KISSmetrics - SO SO SO proud of my team and their drive to be the #1 Sales & Customer Success team in SaaS!”

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