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“RT @bgurley: Huge shout out to @andrewbogut +17 when on floor, 18 Rebs, key stop on Duncan at end, Duncan 7-22 for game. @warriors

“Rookies started 122 games for Golden State this season. No other playoff team has had its rookies start even 20 games.”

Denver Nuggets vs. Golden State Warriors - Photos - April 28, 2013 - ESPN

Denver Nuggets vs. Golden State Warriors - Photos - April 28, 2013 - ESPN

Phenomenal @warriors game... check out superfan @MarissaMK on ESPN

“Why warriors must win: losing to SAS by 3 at half w spurs sitting their top 4 players. Imagine a 7 game series. Rockets losing, c'mon Dubs”

“Tough game but Cal played crazy hard. 'Cuse damn good, killer D, great switch and recover. One more shot here... Go bears...”

“Lillard is pretty amazing. This game can't end soon enough.”

“Amazing the rise and fall of game dynamics - a year ago they would change everything from shopping to enterprise, now engagement is the key”

“RT @DannyKnoblerCBS: Since 1975, 14 home teams have won a Game 6 to force Game 7. 13 of 14 went on to win Game 7. Lone exception: 2006 Mets vs. Cardinals.”

“Not rooting either way, but what a rough deal for the refs to end a MNF game. Simultaneous=SEA... Wouldn't this be tough w reg refs even?”

“Crazy to see 12 white guys win a major basketball gam, but Russia did it. Throwback 30+ game from AK47, like his one amazing fantasy season.”

“Scalped ticket from China delegation turns out to be unexpectedly awesome seat spot for China/Spain hoops game. These fans are nuts.”

“Myhrvold: we didn't make rules of the patent game, we just play it. Files 4th most patents of any US co. What a crummy way to make a buck”

“Only the Warriors could be such screwups, they can't even manage to lose enough games to keep their pick. 10 games, 8 playoff teams to go”

“How about a twitter DVR that can sync up my feed with my game playback so I can wreak tweets in sync with my delayed game watching?”

“Pulling together a small event for app mktg & retention: help me with the best non-game, non-web-extension apps? harder than you'd think”

“Why are west region games played in Kentucky and Nebraska?”

“Clearly the luck of the Irish isn't what it used to be. Technically right but not sure you need to call the lane violation to decide game.”

“really refs? we should decide this game on a very questionable lane violation call?”

“I was bummed that my DirecTV channel 246 isn't working, until I looked up the score of the Cal game. Alas, poor Bears. It was a fun year!”

“Tough loss @CalMensBBall Can't beat the refs but we beat ourselves too. Nice game Kamp.”

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