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“Upside of the iPhone battery: sets a natural limit on the duration of a Sunday conference call.”

“How about a favorites tab on my iPhone that is dynamically generated off my recent calls + calendar?”

“How soon will my iPhone dock to my 27" monitor and Bluetooth keyboard?”

“"It's so great that a dozen apps on my iPhone get updated with a new version every single day!" said no one”

Official Blog

Official Blog

RT @SachaLabourey: I have tears in my eyes - Google Maps for iPhone -

“Nokia beta test ad cracks me up. Does avg joe relate to beta test concept? Do people feel like their iPhones are janky?”

“Crisis looming: MBA dead. IPad says 5% and iPhone in red. Nano going strong but is it enough?”

“Ever feel like the first 90% of iPhone SMS progress bar means nothing? Have never failed at 40%, always 99%. Also never sent half a text.”

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