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“If you know an amazing iOS dev with good consumer product sense, who wants to start their own thing but doesn't have an idea, intro 2 me”

“Blogging on @quora's new blog product: where can entrepreneurs find opportunity in digital gambling?”

“DirecTV iphone app is so great to record stuff, yet website is mind-blowingly awful. Can I get a desktop version of the iOS product?”

“Myhrvold: inventors, even fortune 500, don't have $ to actually make products, better to have patents, wait & sue when productized #ATD10”

“Best of D so far: Cook doesn't focus on hitting #s, just building great products and #s fall out. It's Bezos + gross margins.”

GM is halting Chevy Volt production, for now

GM is halting Chevy Volt production, for now

Wow, Chevy Volt downsizing. Good product -- great for Chevy -- but sold 1,600 in Jan/Feb, vs. plan of 45K for '12.

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