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“What he said >> rt @deswalsh: How to Find Good, Smart, Engaged People to Follow on Twitter 101 - turn up for #blogchat

“Don't over think it rt @ScottMonty what is the one main tip you would give someone on blogging their passion? #blogchat

NIVEA Solar Ad Charger (English)

NIVEA Solar Ad Charger (English)

RSp cool MT @jaybaer: A print ad for Nivea that actually charges your phone. Holy crap! #blogchat

“RT @MackCollier: Did you miss last night's #Blogchat with @JayBaer? Oh it was a goodie, here's the transcript - ”

“RT @MackCollier: Here is the #blogchat transcript from our friends at @hashtracking @carriewilkerson @offerpop - ”

“2nd that! @robpetersen: Thanks @CarrieWilkerson and @MackCollier for gr8 #blogchat 2nite. All the best with you new book, Mack”

“#blogchat another awesome stats app for blogs. Slimstat. Real time analysis, ip tracking.”

“Rants can be constructive, instructive... @MackCollier: @MalharBarai I agree, rants can be very effective if used correctly #blogchat

“Good 1 MT @carriewilkerson: take a long piece and see where natural breaks are. Think of cliff-hanger series & soap operas ;) #blogchat

“State the value in the first paragraph. Why should I read this post? Then follow through and deliver. #blogchat

“RT @SlowMoneyFarm: RT @CoreyFreeman: Rants are only good if they arent against certain people. Passion sparks conversation, but name-calling is wrong #blogchat

“RT @LindaSherman: Google can't read video so you miss word indexing opportunities if you don't transcript or summarize @brucesallan #blogchat

“RT @ClassyEventO: @LindaSherman I'd much rather read then watch... full details about a vlog are SUPER important to get all reader/watcher attention #blogchat

“Agree Rhonda @RhondaHurwitz: @toastedsnow totally disagree! if your blog content is advertising you will never build a community #blogchat

“RT @CarrieWilkerson: Don't blog drunk, angry, hurt or aimlessly ;) #blogchat That stuff never goes away”

“RT @robpetersen: For small biz, comments are a 1-to-1 relationship with a potential customer #blogchat

“MT @wordwhacker I like small biz blogs bcuz I get to know who the people are & I trust them. Translation: I give them business #blogchat

“Hear hear! @privateschprep: @CollinKromke those types of posts are boring! #blogchat

“#blogchat posts don't have to be long. 300 to 500 words can be good. Break up a long winded post into multiples. #Blogchat

“Just creating content for the sake of filling space isn't helping ur biz. Plan #Blogchat

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