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“Now onto some real drama, RHOA #SMTA

“RT @TyLiner: Best plot points were in the epilogue paragraph, likely written by the editor who looked at Mamet and said "seriously, this is it?" #smta

“If I thought I was gonna have to read at the end of this? Why didn't they email us all the script #SMTA

“Wtf????!!!! #SMTA

Twitter / kathygori: Patsy, waiting for that squirrel ...

Twitter / kathygori: Patsy, waiting for that squirrel ...

Patsy, waiting for that squirrel on Pacinos head to make a move #SMTA

“RT @TyLiner: Oh I get it. It's a subtle love story wrapped in an desperately overwritten, moodily lit, oscar worthy, banal piece of shit. #smta

“My dog is however transfixed by the film, she thinks that's a squirrel on Pacinos head. #SMTA

“They should have worked Lindsay Lohan into this film somehow #SMTA

“When's the real trial gonna start. Why are we watching rehearsals? #SMTA

“I liked it better when Lena Dunham stuck a Qtip in her ears #SMTA

“What does Ben Hur have to do with this? #SMTA

“Husband just asked , "seriously how long is this thing?" #SMTA

“Is that wallpaper or were they just too cheap to get law books for the set? #SMTA

“I've seen Tina Fey be funnier #SMTA

“Wow, Pacinos wearing his Paul Rudd in Anchorman outfit #SMTA

“RT @josepholender: man… this soundtrack is killer, who produced all these tracks?!?! #SMTA #PhilSpector”

“Didn't know Tina Fey was in this!! #SMTA

“Are they gonna talk about Baby Justice? Whoops wrong celebrity trial #SMTA

“Haven't seen a courthouse crowd scene like this since I watched McMillian and Wife #SMTA

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