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Email felon: @ga - Never signed up, used unsub button x2, wrote email & got resp. And yet, more email today. General Assembly = #SPAM”

“Inbox at 50 emails. I don't think that's happened since my first month here.”

“Just typed ppl instead of people into a work email. Must now self-flagellate #iwillnotdothatagain”

“Less than 300 emails in my inbox. Sign of the Apocalypse?”

“More email malarkey. If you send me a promo email, don't send it again an hour later. I already deleted it.”

“Worst email subject line today: "Open me! I'm kinda awesome." Meet my Trash folder! It's totally awesome. #marketing”

“70% of your daily emails are useless. Maybe 90%. - @ariannahuff #INBOUND13”

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