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“RT @LetHerBeGreater: @lorisica Thank you, Lori. You are right. Yes! Being verses Doing = Freedom. I am #grateful to you. #Empower the day!!”

“RT @DabneyPorte: Love seeing my #SmGirlfriends RT @upliftingfam: @BarbaraDuke @lorisica Hello Barbara and Lori. I hope your doing great tonight. #smmanners”

“RT @TobeyDeys: @lorisica Hey Lori :) glad coffee got us through the day! Been snowboarding a little but not enough! Busy season @ school for me :)”

“RT @OhMyJet: Haaaaaaaappppyyyyyy Friday Tina! So happy to tweet in w/you and Lori today! ♥ @tmoorepr @lorisica

“RT @ArielaBeniluz: @lorisica @iempoweru @arlenemarom @intlentreprenr @coficase TNX Dear Lori! Happy #Internationalwomensday GR8 ECO Ladies!”

Pam McIntyre's Twitter Photo

Pam McIntyre's Twitter Photo

RT @funkyfleece03: Hi Lori! How are you? Thought you'd like this photo! @lorisica @ilovememovement @upliftingfam @smgirlfriends #Kenya

“You too "@Ciesla504: @lorisica Will do! Thanks again. Have a great weekend, Lori :)”

“Yay "@LindaLSnell @lorisica LORI! Oh heck yeah, girlfriend - we're not leaving you out EVAH @amymartinr @lmtonsrudlp @socialchirps #plans”

“RT @OhMyJet: Lori #YouRock ♥ XO ♥ #CoffeePassion #FriendshipMakesLifeBetter RT @lorisica: Coffee....coffee anyone coffee #Bueller”

“RT @slowswimmer: @lorisica Hey Lori, glad to connect with you! I can assure you that crossing the finish line of an Ironman is quite a special experience :-)”

“RT @michelecerami: "@lorisica: @michelecerami Just reading your bio Michele inspires me! hats off to you Your spirit is amazing" Thank you Lori! Many blessings”

“Don't get me started @Chickenfoup: @DRucc210 @lorisica @jeanneglo lori n i still call each other by childhood names #nicknamesstay”

“:) @GiaSkinCare: @LoriSica You make me Smile Lori! Thank you for being such a Beautiful #SmGirlFriend”

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