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“RT @DabneyPorte: We are having OPEN MIC tonight in #SmManners ~ It's all about YOU ~ What do you want to talk about? Bring it ~ 10pm/est”

TwitLonger - When you talk too much for Twitter

TwitLonger - When you talk too much for Twitter

RT @DabneyPorte: DISCLAIMER for #SmManners #SmGirlfriends #NFLgirlfriends and all within and of my brand/communities. The (cont)

“RT @Ciesla504: @DabneyPorte @ImMarkBernhardt SO many #Boysontwitter here tonight! #SMmanners Yumminess! :)”

“RT @DabneyPorte: Yes! RT @loismarketing: As @steveGOgreen will attest, the foodie community on Twitter is great fun. Insightful, sharing friends #smmanners

“RT @TomekaNapper: @lorisica @DabneyPorte ONE MUST REALLY MEAN THIS WHEN THEY SAY: #WEMATTER! Don't say it & then #throwmeandothers under the bus. #SmManners

“RT @WayneHurlbert: Waving with both hands RT @DabneyPorte: HELLLLLLO! RT @dancinmoma: @DabneyPorte @lorisica Waving to you & all at #SMmanners! :) #smmanners

“RT @WayneHurlbert: Tip: Be sure to have fun with your SoMe. People love engaging with fun & interesting people. #smmanners

“RT @TomekaNapper: @DabneyPorte ...but I've sense removed that line...and replaced it with #WeMatter! If everyone got that...we'd be better off. #SmManners

“RT @DabneyPorte: Wow! You all ROCK ~ Such great TIPS tonight! #SmManners

“RT @DabneyPorte: TIP ~ Once you know where you are going on social media, you must decide how much time you will spend there in advance. #SmManners

“RT @DabneyPorte: Tip ~ Constant tweeting of content ~ your posts ~ others posts is info overload. TALK to others too! #SmManners

“RT @DabneyPorte: Don't be shy. If you have ANY questions about #SocialMedia put the word QUESTION in front of your tweet! We will ALL help! #SmManners

“RT @DabneyPorte: It's 10PM on a Tuesday and for more then THREE years that means it is GO GO GO time for #SmManners Hit RT if you are here!”

“RT @DabneyPorte: We are in OPEN YOU mode tonight on #SmManners. Bring your #SoMe questions & knowledge to share! 10pm est! #”

“RT @DabneyPorte: YES! RT @slcornett: @dabneyporte Amen, woman! That is the best way to lead in all things. LIVE it. #SocialMedia #SMManners

“RT @cendrinemedia: A lot of people don't know what a social media strategy is. They completely forget the basics (offline and online are the same). #smmanners

“RT @adryenn: yes! RT @GettysburgGerry: The SoMe rules are changing, hashtags, cross posting, change is happening. Grow or die... #smmanners

“RT @adryenn: Truth! RT @slcornett: Authenticity is the name of the game. I am 100% real...the beauty of this intentional space. #smmanners

“RT @ShannonAlton: @Float_Girl @DabneyPorte @BarbaraDuke @KenScheer @lorisica @RobCairns LOL Some great groups for a hashtag like #SmGirlfriends & #SmManners.”

“RT @RobCairns: RT @dabneyporte: Lead by example! #SmManners

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