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“RT @BruceSallan: A4c - I don't care if Brands ARE shamelessly involving us - THAT is flattery! #BrandChat ~Yes!!!”

“RT @BruceSallan: A2a - The most obvious is when they make fun of the dads - too many examples to remember! #BrandChat

“RT @mariaduron: I think you see great convo + real convos, not just broadcasts A1 #brandchat

“RT @jesephm: A1: There is an element of trust and authenticity that comes through with visual content "Pics or it didn't happen" #brandchat

“RT @TeamBRANDarchy: A1 The best images inspire and empower. That's how we look to use imagery for the brands we work with #brandchat

“A1. Using pictures over words, listening to the Community, what is the story in their head #BrandChat

“Moorning!! #BrandChat

“Morning!! #BrandChat

“RT @SteveCassady Since It is easier to see employees with a company, your cumulative brand presence is more observableon Linkedin #brandchat

“RT @SteveCassady A1) For Linkedin Career Page to do well, need strong front page & employees "linking" to company page correctly #brandchat

“Morning all!! #BrandChat

“RT @AidaofNubia: @lttlewys @mariaduron Hi Brandie! Joining you guys today. ~WooT!!! #BrandChat

“RT @mariaduron: #brandchat questions for today's chat at 10am CT posted, THEME: BRANDS + LINKEDIN, ”

“RT @SJAbbott: A1 The lines between 'use personally, use for strategy, and use because there's no other option' are blurry. #brandchat

“RT @CTrappe: Everyone has a brand. For some it's positive. For others not so much. #brandchat ~Simple, yet profound :-)”

What is an Insight? - Customer Specs | Reverse engineer sales.

What is an Insight? - Customer Specs | Reverse engineer sales.

RT @CustomerSpecs: A5 By providing organised information that can be more easily turned into insights #brandchat

“A5: sCRM allows the whole team to see the conversation, connections... makes convos clear. Provides for strong message #BrandChat

“RT @TeriMKojetin: RT @brandchat BONUS: Q5 - How does sCRM strengthen brand internally? #brandchat

“RT @brandchat: Q3: How do you develop a good Social CRM workflow? #brandchat

“A2: Find your community. Develop a strong social strategy integrated with sales goals. @Mention, @simplymeasured Google #BrandChat

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