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“A5: Asking the questions on multiple channels in multiple ways is great way to crowdsource #CMWorld”

“RT @MichaelMooneyy: Q4: Time to Channel Ratio –– If you don't have the time, don't start the channel. You'll just add noise. #cmworld”

“A9: Each channel needs to be treated differ but not with separate content plans, Global doesn't have to be huge to be impactful #CMWorld”

“RT @nickcicero: "If you're using social networks as just a PR blast you're missing a huge opportunity. Use data to slice channels into audiences" #bisummit”

“RT @NillaWafers: Always channel your favorite TV mom. Who is yours? ~Hmm, toss up between Harriet Nelson & Brennen from Bones!!”

“RT @aknecht: The social 3: A Channel, social networking & then Social marketing. Makes up social media @kmullett #ISMConf”

“RT @mannyrivas: A5 Love the idea of seeding engagement through paid, organic & paid-organic in several channels #SocialChat”

“RT @Natasha_D_G: Banks must shift #mktg to account for new channels incl mobile banking and payments A5: #CXO”

“RT @bornonjuly4 A: Track Online and Offline Channel attribution to conversion using modeling techniques like Time Decay Attribution #cxo”

“RT @CMIContent: Content Marketing Master Class #NYC - we're posting slides on CMI's @SlideShare channel post-event! #CMWorld...”

“RT @jkrohrs: A5: Also, don't wait for "perfect" numbers. Leaps of faith may be needed until tech & channels provide clearer audience value info. #cmworld”

“RT @gregelwell: For B2Bs I'd think SlideShare and LinkedIn would be prime channels to reach and develop your audience. #cmworld ~Yes!”

“RT @jkrohrs A3 Key is to know the channels that ur target consumers use and engage them there. That's where you build ur audiences. #cmworld”

“A3: One channel isn't more important, it's having the audience engage on several channels/conversations with brand #CMWorld”

Who's Watching That? |

Who's Watching That? |

RT @Visually: The Demographics of News Channels: Which is your favorite news source?

“RT @IAmMrSid "Our biggest challenge is integrating the feedback we get from multiple channels".@martysg #buzzwordbingo cc @DrewNeisser #rltm”

“A5: Both, we alwys plan to use our content across multiple channels & disciplines, then leave the option to use later #CMWorld”

“RT @SFerika: A3 I also block out time monthly to review/revise bios, and determine if my goals have changed for a channel #BrandChat”

“RT @smcrae: A2 Integration is key: customers want to have conversations that cross channels #DigitalExp #GetRealChat”

“RT @hoovers: A3: Understand the prospective client's expectations: is it "feeding" channels? If so, run. #brandchat”

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