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YES! by Jason Mraz

YES! by Jason Mraz

Want #chocolate? #Yes!. Want #coffee? #Yes!. Want @Jason_Mraz new alubm #Yes! #Spreadyes Here:

“A1: Lots of iced coffee and pool time #SweetTalk”

“RT @iSocialFanz: @CBarrows only way to survive Az summer is A/C and pools.. thankful for both! #atomicchat ~Don't forget iced coffee!!”

“And, @Childhood & I are starting our #LazySunday with coffee and tweeting each other from differ rooms!! #BestieFest”

“A3: I want people to walk away from coffee with me, feeling that we had just the start of many great convos. Happy #PeopleSkills”

“RT @EmmaCunningham: @lttlewys Allll about obsessive coffee habits over here. ~exactly!! #SweetTalk”

“A6: With friends, my friends know I need space and are willing to work with my quirks!! And, my obsessive coffee habit!! #SweetTalk”

“RT @Childhood: @lttlewys is brewing cup 2! I hear her! Haha! #bestiefest ~Lazy day with coffee!”



Vanilla latte courtesy of @CornerBakery! Coffee is alwys good

“A6: Hmm, would have to say, Maya Angelou ;-) and yes, coffee, lots of coffee!! #SweetTalk”

“RT @Cinnabon: Q6: You get to have coffee with an author, who is it? And, Iced or hot? #SweetTalk”

“Morning!! Fresh coffee is up and a fresh Monday!!”



Good Morning! Coffee is up!!

Coffee-Con | The Consumer Coffee Festival

Coffee-Con | The Consumer Coffee Festival

Love Coffee?? In #Chicago? Head over to #CoffeeCon Saturday!!

“RT @1680PR: Good morning, Wednesday, let's do this. Need #coffee. STAT. ~Right?? *passes coffee*”

“RT @GeraldMoczynski: @ScottLum We have GOT to get coffee one day! #b2bchat ~Yes, please ;-)”

“When making coffee, alwys helpful to add water! *facepalm*”

“RT @mikedelgado: @SandraSays Coffee is the best tool to help me with social reporting. :) #smchat ~In large amounts!!”

“Good Morning! Coffee is up, hot and ready, who needs a cup?”

“RT @keyholeco: Starbucks just launched Tweet-a-Coffee in Canada . How did it do in the US? --> ”

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