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“RT @SmarterShft: Q4 – What tips do you have for getting the most out of marketing on Facebook ? #ContentChat

“A3: Know your audience, use insights to target and be very very engaging. #contentchat

“RT @SmarterShft: Q3 – Is there anyway to be successful on Facebook without buying ads there or promoting posts? #contentchat

“RT @danielerossi: A2. Unless you pay, your post isn't guaranteed 2b seen. Par the course on any social ntwk #contentchat

“A2: They keep changing everything, you have to pay to play and ugh, they are so inconsistent #contentchat

“RT @SmarterShft: Q2 – What do you dislike most about using Facebook for content marketing? #contentchat

“RT @ZipTrigger: A1 - Also you can't beat their ads. Not yet anyway #contentchat ~and, they are improving them ;-)”

“RT @ZipTrigger: A1 - They give you quite a bit of space to do what you want. You can post something like a mini blog there #contentchat

“RT @NathanStrum: @SFerika @lttlewys Dang! That's quite the feat! Jealous. #ContentChat ~Same!!”

“A1: It allows combo of pic and written content, wide reach, targeted audience segmenting #contentchat

“RT @SmarterShft: Q1 – What do you like about using Facebook for content marketing? #contentchat

“Afternoon!! #contentchat

“RT @SmarterShft: Tips, Tools & Thoughts on Facebook for Content Marketing TODAY on #ContentChat 3 pm ET @nikkis_place

“RT @SmarterShft: 5 Social Hiring Hints for Busy Managers via @NealSchaffer #contentchat

“RT @nmillerbooks: A3 Buffer offers simplicity and ease of use - and the Buffer community is incredible! #contentchat

“RT @Liliholl: A2) for content is a key tool to curate & provide valuable content across social platforms! #contentchat

“RT @JeniseFryatt Bring your @buffer questions to Nicole Miller TODAY at 3 pm ET #ContentChat

“Thanks much @SmarterShft & @sebrusk!! Great discussion today!! #ContentChat

“A9: You aren't going to convince them, they have to see value, all you can do is show them how it increases profit/Awareness #ContentChat

“A8: Huge!! People want information, they want to know about you, your brand, your company! Need content for that. #ContentChat

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