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“RT @maddiegrant: Hello hello! Here's the original basis for what we're going to chat about! #contentchat

“A4: @Canva #ContentChat

“RT @SmarterShft: Q4 – What tools do you use for choosing or creating images for content marketing? #contentchat

“RT @hannahscribbles: A3: Product photos just don't cut the cake. You need to get creative. #ContentChat

“RT @SmarterShft: A2aa - But, other than ratio, how do great images differ in design according to platform? #contentchat

“RT @Find_dot_com: A2. You will be adapting your image based on the platform. It is essential. #ContentChat ~Exactly”

“A2: Yes & No... it's a space/time thing, more time with eyes on blog vs scanning on instagram/twitter #ContentChat

“RT @mjbecker_10: @SmarterShft #Native content that evokes some kind of emotion! #ContentChat

“A1: Clarity both in image and concept, making it appropriate #ContentChat

“RT @SmarterShft: Q1 – What are the elements of a stellar content marketing image? #contentchat

“Afternoon #ContentChat

#ContentChat - A Twitter Chat about Content Marketing

#ContentChat - A Twitter Chat about Content Marketing

RT @SmarterShft What are the pitfalls of choosing or creating images for content marketing? #ContentChat 3 pm ET 9/29

“RT @connect2life: A6: Integration needs an agile, dynamic, scalable strategy. #contentchat

“RT @stephanieakling: A6: When you have a great message but you use the wrong platform to share it. #contentchat

“A6: That's it's easy, that it will fix problems with your content. that making this adjustment is just set up and schedule #ContentChat

“RT @ZipTrigger: A5 - An interactive content experience built around an ad does really well for big brands #contentchat

“A5: Have them work together, stop treating digital & traditional content work against each other!! They should be aligned #ContentChat

“RT @SmarterShft: Q5 -How can social and content marketing be used to increase/enhance earned media? #contentchat

“A4: Make both offline and online marketing fluid, tell the story across all platforms. Link everything #ContentChat

“RT @iteratesocial: A3: Turning their existing offline community into an online one. #ContentChat ~And, vice versa ;-)”

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