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“RT @SmarterShft: 5 Social Hiring Hints for Busy Managers via @NealSchaffer #contentchat

“RT @nmillerbooks: A3 Buffer offers simplicity and ease of use - and the Buffer community is incredible! #contentchat

“RT @Liliholl: A2) for content is a key tool to curate & provide valuable content across social platforms! #contentchat

“RT @JeniseFryatt Bring your @buffer questions to Nicole Miller TODAY at 3 pm ET #ContentChat

“Thanks much @SmarterShft & @sebrusk!! Great discussion today!! #ContentChat

“A9: You aren't going to convince them, they have to see value, all you can do is show them how it increases profit/Awareness #ContentChat

“A8: Huge!! People want information, they want to know about you, your brand, your company! Need content for that. #ContentChat

“RT @vegecomgirl: A7. Forgetting that it's real-time. Delay/delete posts if you need to, esp during tragic events #ContentChat

“A7: Don't rely on tools, getting caught up in your Ego and straying away from remembering this is hard work, no Easy button #ContentChat

“RT @ceQuilibria: A6 Taking the time to research who your customer is and what networks they use #contentchat

“RT @NikkiPezzopane: A6: Being aware of the constant changes and improvements on each social media platform and staying engaged. #contentchat

“A6: The key is hire the right people!! Hire passionate people that love what they do!! #ContentChat

“Maybe we should define what makes a brand "doing it right" look like, that probably means something differ for everyone! #ContentChat

“A4: Marketers aren't seeing the possibility. Using #SoMe for sales, branding, cust serv, relationships. #ContentChat

“RT @CTrappe: Don't think of social media as a marketing channel. Think of it as an engagement channel that can lead to sales. #contentchat

“A3: You can't ignore where your customers are, where the conversation is nor the opportunity to grow your biz & profits! #ContentChat

“A2: There is so much... sp*m, no conversation, hard sells, lack of engagement, brands that just broadcast, DM's ;-) #ContentChat

“RT @eventsense: #socialmedia requires reflection before reaction.You can't post & just talk at people. You need to listen first, then engage. #contentchat

“A1: No, Social Media doesn't suck, how people use it and abuse it really suck and really wonderful at the same time #ContentChat

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