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“RT @kevinttully: It is. RT @JeffZelaya This should be very handy for our #S4LSocial #SocialSelling Tools Conversation: ”

“RT @Snap_App: ROI calculators are ways to have a meaningful conversation with your prospect. People are social, talk with them not at them #CMWorld”

“RT @Cinnabon: #SweetTalk starts now!! Join the @Cinnabon community in our weekly Twitter chat as we indulge in conversation. ”

“RT @SproutSocial: Q2: How can a brand start a conversation without seeming too rehearsed? #SproutChat”

“A2: IF they were accurate, kinda cool... if you can circle back to conversations #SMmeasure”

“RT @Cinnabon: If you new to #SweetTalk, make sure to remember to include the hashtag to keep up with the conversation.”

“When you interrupt the entire conversation with seemingly random giggles or setting of @isocialfanz smart watch at #PhxTweetUp”

“A2: To share, spark conversation, show differ perspectives on ideas, connect with leaders in your industry #B2BChat”

“A2: Show the numbers, growth, conversation, conversions and stories of brand loyalty #smmeasure”

“RT @KidsLiveWell: Please remember to use our #KidsLiveWellChat hashtag to help keep up with the conversation. :)”

“RT @MrJereRich: A3) An increase in conversations on different platforms would be a measure of success #smmeasure ~Agree!!”

“A3: Everything is measurable! Measure growth, activity, new users, track conversations #SMMeasure”

“RT @SocialMichelleR: Q2 How do you move those new contacts into conversations about what matters to them? #SocialChat”

“A1: Start the conversation ALL the time, when you want to meet someone, someone interests you with something they share or say #SocialChat”

“A3: You can't ignore where your customers are, where the conversation is nor the opportunity to grow your biz & profits! #ContentChat”

“A2: There is so much... sp*m, no conversation, hard sells, lack of engagement, brands that just broadcast, DM's ;-) #ContentChat”

“A9: Conversation, concerted effort to illustrate who you are and building a more connected relationship! #PeopleSkills”

“RT @SallyHogshead: A4: Find those areas of effortless productivity- the tasks and people and conversations- and do MORE of that. #socbizchat”

“A2: Crazy!! Lots of conversation, other members inviting people in & creating convos, steady growth & differ on every platform #brandchat”

“A2: Upper mgmt and usually it's several conversations, showing not only the how but the long term, need to align with Co #cmworld”

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