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“A1: Don't talk to people, engage with their customers, send out spammy links #marketingchat”

Connecting with Your Customer featuring @TedRubin

Connecting with Your Customer featuring @TedRubin

RT @bryankramer: Connecting with Your Customer featuring @TedRubin via @purematter

“A1: Every dept needs to be represented, a whole customer approach needs to be implemented along with pr #IMCChat”

“RT @SMSJOE: A1 to the extent brands want to be customer centric just about every function should be represented. #imcchat”

“A4: there will be more trust, companies are going to be accountable to their customers #SMXChat”

“RT @amandamaks A1 Influencers come in a lot of shapes & sizes too. Could be customers, industry experts, consultants, bloggers, etc #cmworld”

“A1: Some brands are just pushing content, not answering customer concerns or even just chatting with their customers #ContentChat”

“RT @JohnCockerill: ^JC A5: Better define and align customers and company desires and needs #CXO”

“A3: Educate, train and let ur cust svc people see how the org works, let them be the customer. Set the tone for the experience #cxo”

“A2: hiring the right people, those that display empathy and passion for the customer then the company #CXO”

“RT @marksalke: A2: Emphasis on the customer. #CXO ~that needs to start with the internal Co culture, customer centric”

You Had Me at Hello: 8 Phrases Every Customer Longs to Hear

You Had Me at Hello: 8 Phrases Every Customer Longs to Hear

RT @rachelloumiller: You Had Me at Hello: 8 Phrases Every Customer Longs to Hear #custserv

“RT @JoePulizzi: A1: Content marketing is creating/curating valuable, compelling content to drive profitable customer action. #aweberhour”

“RT @Jupiter_Labs: A2) Be concise and to the point. Great content doesn't have to be long. Don't waste your customers time! #CMworld”

“RT @Mr_McFly: Goal: How do I make my customers great. Your brand messages will flow from there. #andboomgoesthedynamite #NMX”

“A9: Yes! Any time you can connect with your customer on a differ level it's worth it! Gives more depth to relationship! #CustServ”

“RT @kr8tr: Understanding the customer concern is the cornerstone for "empathy, not sympathy". #CustServ”

“A8: Yes, listening to the Community and making sure the online/offline is the same #CustServ will help u adjust to better serve ur customer

“A6: To build brand awareness, grow community and develop another level of relationships with peers/customers #CustServ”

“A4: Ignore the Customer/Issue and the Community joins the discussion #CustServ”

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