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“RT @ajmunn: A5: Social used as one way to address custserv whilst custexp lives everywhere brand touches ppl. Different concepts #smchat”

“RT @helpgizmo: A1 Customer engagement is all about relationship building, and good relationships are built on empathy and respect. #custserv

“RT @desertcarcare: @lttlewys @Childhood ... Thank you ! #communityfirst ~Exactly why you have amazing #custserv

“A2: Ugh, assumptions... not everyone is using Social for #custserv, it could be they don't have the capability or know how #smchat”

“A1: Yes, Companies should have an established Twitter, IF it makes sense. If they do use it for #CustServ, need to be clear about it #smchat”

“Thanks so much @GaylordPalms!! Fantastic stay with amazing #custserv

“RT @MarshaCollier: @lttlewys @RichardNatoli is a pretty smart guy #custserv ~Totally agree ;-)”

“RT @AlHopper_: RT @GregOrtbach: Q10: As a customer, which methods do you prefer (survey, phone call, rating etc.) #custserv ~Yes!!”

“RT @MarshaCollier: "the right strategy doesn't change, the tactics do" ~@RichardNatoli #custserv

“ RT @MarshaCollier: Tonight's Topic --> What can big business learn from small business about #custserv?

Ready for Q!?”

“RT @drnatalie: #BrainCandy: "Only the wisest and stupidest of men never change." — Confucius #SCRM #PR #custserv

“RT @Hoovers: A1: #Custserv metrics are in for an overhaul. Traditional measures don't always translate on social. #smchat”

“RT @marketing_jason: A4. True. Some problems need someone to intervene to reach resolution. #custserv ~Exactly!!”

“RT @Hyken: RT @RobSpeciale A4: Give the customer the option #custserv

“RT @mbti_estj: A3.Need different strokes for different folks..selfserv,chat,phone,etc #custserv

“RT @SJAbbott: A3 If you design a Self Service program as a cost saving measure, you're probably doing it wrong. #custserv ~Rite??”

“RT @LovelyLu: A3 Any service that isn't complete risks giving bad service to customers. #custserv

“RT @TedCurtin: Keep in mind that Self-Serve doesn't have to mean lack of engagement! #custserv #custexp”

“RT @AlHopper_: @berkson0 I prefer Googling first, to be honest. #custserv ~I alwys ask twitter ;-)”

“RT @SJAbbott: A2 The unique distinction of human contact—hiring great people—is no longer a competitive advantage. #custserv

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