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“RT @SMSJOE: A4 I should say where your customers are and you can add value/utility #cxo

“A4: No, can't be everywhere effectively!! Know where your customers are and talking about you #CXO

“RT @ShailKhiyara: A2: Use reach to connect & engage w/ subset of people who matter & superserve them. Flip the funnel. #CXO

“RT @DebbieSzumylo: A1 in an "ideal" structure marketing and #cx align together to create great experiences #CXO ~Exactly!!”

“RT @IBMbigdata: Q1: To what extent should #marketing influence "service" interaction with customers? Explain #cxo #mktg”

What (Some, if Not Most) CMOs Don't See

What (Some, if Not Most) CMOs Don't See

RT @mjayliebs: Another fun read by @ekolsky - What (Some, if Not Most) CMOs Don't See #cxo | Man is on a roll...

“RT @iSocial_Fanz: You can't sell & be engaged with your customers & prospects w/o doing it your employees first! #CXO

“Gotta scoot!! Y'all have a great day!! #CXO

“A5: Customer service, CMO's and even sales to a certain extent, those that touch the customers most #CXO

“A4: Not adapting to changes, leaders that don't want change, not embracing changes #CXO

Twitter / ZacharyJeans: Hey there, #bigdata. ...

Twitter / ZacharyJeans: Hey there, #bigdata. ...

RT @ZacharyJeans: A2 All the bigdata in the world won't help you #CX if you don't use it. #cxo

“A2: Open internal communications, #sCRM's that are combing the online/offline cust relationship and rapid response for cust serv #CXO

“RT @SJAbbott: A1 Sometimes it's just learning new efficiencies to deliver the experience that adds to the bottom line. #cxo

“A1: #CX change can either create loyal customers or alienate them, creating a healthy culture for ur biz #CXO

“RT @MargieClayman: @lttlewys but really, what is NOT right up @dbvickery's alley? :) #CXO ~Lol! Tru”

“RT @SJAbbott: A1 SoMe becomes part of the fan experience. By participating with fans, they can boost support and competitive interaction. #cxo

“RT @iSocial_Fanz: I can't play basketball with Lebron or Step on the field with the Steelers but relate & engage over social & I will feel connected! #CXO

“RT @DebbieSzumylo: A1 Recognize that a sporting event generates passion, strong opinions & loyalty. Use those forces to look for opportunity. #cxo

“RT @jameskobielus: A1: #CXO Social media is the multidimensional "roar of the crowd" that tells you whether fans are cheering or jeering the action "on field."”

“A1 listening abd responding to fans in real time, using the data to predict trends & assist in analysis #CXO

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