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“A7: Don't rely on tools, getting caught up in your Ego and straying away from remembering this is hard work, no Easy button #ContentChat”

“RT @KateNasser: A9. Care about the relationship more than you do about your ego. That's how you get a 2nd chance. #peopleskills”

“A3: Servant leaders are strong, ego without arrogance and believe in strength in numbers #peopleskills”

“RT @MelissaGalt: A1 Constant connection gives illusion of importance . . .fuels the ego. #kaizenbiz”

“RT @cloudspark: @samfiorella s1 for some it's ego, for others it's a fundamental part of the culture, their ethos. #bizforum”

“RT @stanreeser: A1 Disagree, as long as it aligns with the biz mission it adds value. The messages that contradict are the ego driven ones. #bizforum”

“RT @samfiorella: S1 Supporting a social/political cause is about ego not business value. Agree/Disagree – Why? #bizforum”

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