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“RT @JoePulizzi: @SFerika HUGE opportunity in email...but the content has to be MUST READ. That's what is hard to do. #cmworld”

“#Li groups - Consistent management is key, weekly email options to members via @ToddWheatland #CMWorld”

“6 golden rules to responding to client emails by @arikhanson #Email #Etiquette”

“RT @CustomerIsFirst: A7 - We try to cater to different learning styles - face to face, then email then knowledge base #custserv”

“RT @KerryGorgone: Brands need "reliable reach," as in people actually receiving their message. Email, phone, mail offer reliable reach. @jaybaer #SocialFresh”

“A3: I also, make sure all my travel plans are saved on my phone not just in email #SweetTalk”

“RT @harrisonia: A1a) Social CRM has more avenues to reach customers than just telephone, email, and postal mail. #brandchat”

“A3: Emails from recruiter sending me applicant resumes with no way to unsubscribe/contact. Umm, I don't hire people... #BrandChat”

“RT @BobKnorpp: With the latest BeanCast we welcome a new sponsor, @hootsuite ... Email for an agency offer worth $575. #superbowl”

Content Marketing Institute

Content Marketing Institute

RT @CMIContent: Did we miss your question in today's chat? Email cathy[at] and we'll be in touch. #CMWorld

Seeing more ads on Twitter? It might depend on who you are

Seeing more ads on Twitter? It might depend on who you are

Twitter is now going to let marketers target you based on bio & email via @ITworld

“A7: Social channels mostly, sometimes email #koozchat”

“RT @mitchjoel: Did Google just kill email and change the face of social media? Read this: ”

“RT @elizabethtraub: @GregOrtbach A3. Yes I do. Via phone call or email with specific questions. #custserv”

“A9: Don't be afraid to ask, email, dm or private message to ask for the share. Be polite and make sure it fits their Community #CMWorld”

“Studies show that 85% of all content will be read/opened via a #mobile device! Not just email, make sure it's easy to read! #CMWorld”

“*swoon* @eat24 emailed me YaddaYadda-coupon-Yadda "You're the French Vanilla creamer to our company coffee", best email, today!”

“RT @FiveMinPro: A2 - agree with @BH_Social must acknowledge on received media first and not in a "push off" to email way #custserv”

Content Marketing Institute

Content Marketing Institute

RT @cmicontent: If we missed your question or you think of one later, email cathy[at] & watch...

“A2: *sigh* What email battle? Please don't tell me, email is going away... and, need to look @sendgine #SWchat”

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