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“A3:It's not about how much time & money, it's about what works for you... what are your goals! #NoMagicButton #Luv4Social”

“RT @SJAbbott: A6 Make sure everyone can touch back to the goals of SoMe, not the tricks of the tools. It is about business, after all. #SproutChat”

“RT @SproutSocial: Q3: How do you encourage other departments to use social media to better execute their goals? #SproutChat”

“A1: Goals and strategy, can that platform further, enhance your current strategy, does ur team have the bandwidth for it #SproutChat”

“A2: Find your community. Develop a strong social strategy integrated with sales goals. @Mention, @simplymeasured Google #BrandChat”

“MT @terressanicole: I also invest a lot time in my clients true goals and happiness and encourage them to work on that too #livelunch”

“RT @SusynEliseDuris: everything must be tied to business goals...metrics no different #cmworld ~Exactly!!”

“RT @CTrappe: Set goals, then evaluate metrics to see progress toward these goals. #cmworld A4”

“A2: Everything gets measured. Use your goals to determine the "how" #CMWorld”

“RT @ScottLum: A6: Depends on goals - my preference is to create a cadence that keeps traffic coming back and social engagement #cmworld”

“A6: there is no one answer for that... type of video, goal for video all factor into the release. #CMworld”

“RT @Applebees: Q 2. How do you motivate yourself to keep those goals during the cold months? #LiveLunch”

“MT @KerryGorgone: Goals: positioning yourself to get a job, a book deal, speaking gigs, or to sell ebooks, etc. #blogchat ~exactly!!”

“RT @FiveMinPro: @mel_gonzo isn't it the brands responsibility to drive that result? #brandchat ~YES! Brand needs to set goals & drive them”

“RT @Ramon_DeLeon: #cmworld A6: Define your goals and establish what success looks like, otherwise you won't know”

Pink Shirt Day Shop

Pink Shirt Day Shop

RT @HootClub: Help #pinkshirtday make some noise against bullying by reaching goal to raise $350k for anti-bullying programs! ^ED

“A3: Content should be aligned with goals, come from an organized calendar and be a mix of "own" and others #marketingchat”

“RT @NealSchaffer: A2) There are a plethora of different business goals that companies can have for social media. #marketingchat”

“A2: Several, brand image, marketing goals, drive traffic to site, cust svc, social proof & reputation #marketingchat”

“A2: does it work with my goals, can it be it long term campaign and can I use it to create traffic & profit #SMmeasure”

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