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“Just realized I have my headphones in and I'm not on the hangout anymore ;-( @nikkis_place @talentedreamer @nuprinz

“RT @Steph_Montreuil: A6: Know who your target client (avatar) is and hangout where they do. Contribute, be useful #NSAChat”

#CMAD presents: Community Management on The Road

#CMAD presents: Community Management on The Road

RT @MissDestructo Did you miss "Community Management On The Road" #CMAD hangout last night? No worries! Here ya go

“RT @AlHopper_: I'll be starting a G+ Hangout afterhours in Jan. let me know if you are interested #custserv ~WooT!! That sounds awesome!”

“OMG, is that @Historian & @DwaneLay on the hangout with you, @houseofbrew? #cmgrHangout”

“RT @MerlinUWard: @myCMGR Planning on it! ~Ohh, are you goin to join the hangout, too?? #cmgrHangout”

“*waving* @laurahoots Sooo great to see you on the hangout!! #CMGRHangout”

“Whoa!! @Biebert is on the hangout!! Great to see you!! #cmgrHangout”

“Last question coming up!! Make sure you go back and listen to the hangout when you have time @portergale is a wise woman! #cmgrHangout”

“#cmgrHangout @houseofbrew & @tamcdonald are goin to continue the hangout with @portergale, I'll have to scoot off twitter, tho #cmgrHangout”

“Ack!! The hangout died for me, can't listen anymore!! @tamcdonald #cmgrhangout”

“Ohhh @dbvickery made it into the hangout today!! Agree, it's multi-channel #cmgrhangout”



Only 15 minutes until #cmgrHangout with @portergale!! Who is joinin in? either here or on the hangout?

“Soo, @tamcdonald is on a digital free vacation, @houseofbrew is taking over the Hangout and I am in my usual spot here!! #CMGRHangout”



RT @houseofbrew: @myCMGR If you don't have an invite, feel free to join the LIVE hangout here --> #CMGRHangout

“RT @elizabethtraub: @lttlewys @zacharyjeans @ideabloke What a fun hangout with you three. ~Y'all are soo funny!! Sorry, I wasn't #snarkfree”

“Ok, time to wrap it up, make sure to go listen to @RebelBrown on the hangout, it was mind blowing!! Also, follow #cmgrUN 2mrw!! #cmgrhangout”

“Thanks much to @sherrierohde for makin the hangout work for me!! We had tons of fun!! Glad to see you @allygreer #cmgrhangout”

“Ok, I am turning the chat over to @sherrierohde and will be on the hangout!! #cmgrHangout”

“Soo, I'm over on the hangout, forgive me it's been forever since I've done one! Please intro yourselves & I will get ques goin! #cmgrhangout”

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