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“Like this "Mission Values" internally and then make it public!! Via @invoker #HootUpSocBiz

“What if u changed the default communication in a Co to Social? Make it searchable? Change the workflow Via @mchui #HootUpSocBiz

“How do u change your business? Get rid of email? @aparnamuk #HootUpSocBiz

“Major #Global adoption with mobile & social via @invoker #HootUpSocBiz

“Look at Companies throu the lens of Social Impact for #SocialGood could be powerful via @mttbish #HootUpSocBiz

“Brands are more listening not using Social interactively with people! Could be so much powerful #HootUpSocBiz

“Nike is really innovative, embedding social responsibility into their DNA of the company brand via @mattbish #HootUpSocBiz

“Personal identity and where u work is part of that & social brings that to the open, should be some alignment via @mchui #HootUpSocBiz

“Panel all agrees internally all employees should have a voice, disagree comes in with who should externally via @@adambroitman #HootUpSocBiz

“Who should be tweeting? Everyone! To their comfort level, def forward facing employees via @invoker #HootUpSocBiz

“Ohh.. Send in ur questions for @Invoker @aparnamuk @mattbish @adambroitman @mchui #SocialGood #HootUpSocBiz

SXSW HootUp - Social Business & Big Data

SXSW HootUp - Social Business & Big Data

Headed to @HootClub to catch @invoker @aparnamuk & others at #HootUpSocBiz today! #HootSX #SXSWi

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