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“RT @cloudspark: @SMSJOE i think it's @tom_peters who said, 'hire for values, train for skills' #imcchat ~Exactly!!”

“A1: Open communications, what are expectations and what type of personality, not skill will fit the team #IMCchat

“RT @cloudspark tomorrow's #imcchat >> "Fixing the Formula" (common challenges to balancing mktg tactics and resources) 2/11 - 4pm et/ 1pm pt”

“Thanks so much @cloudspark @SMSJOE great convo today!! #IMCChat

“RT @cloudspark: the best imc teams i've learned fr had 3 things: 1. good comms 2. shared rewards 3. expectations aligned with goals #imcchat

“RT @cloudspark: a4: imho lack of clear comms internally, lack of clear lines of accountability and unrealistic time frames can derail imc teams #imcchat

“A4: Poor internal culture, lack of trust & communications between mgmt & employees & faith in what you are doing #IMCChat

“A3: Trust, ability to communicate on different levels, goal orientated. Nice balance of analytical and out of the box thinking #IMCChat

“A2: There isn't an easy answer to that, depends on the culture/internal workings of the Company, need a strong leader #IMCChat

“A1: Every dept needs to be represented, a whole customer approach needs to be implemented along with pr #IMCChat

“RT @SMSJOE: A1 to the extent brands want to be customer centric just about every function should be represented. #imcchat

“OMG, @pprothe @cloudspark Great discussion! Adding #IMCchat to my permanent chat schedule!! looking forward to next week”

“A4: setting up a twitter wall at the event, live scrolling of instagram pics, interactive apps for people to play with #IMCchat

“RT @DebraWEllis: A3: Focus on solving problems. It keeps it customer centric & improves sales. #imcchat

“A3: Sales mite be the primary objective, just don't make the customer feel like they are only a sale! #IMCchat

“RT @ericwilbanks: If we can help clients to think of us as the team for brand inside and out, integration is smoothe. #IMCchat ~Exactly!”

“RT @SMSJOE: @pprothe @cloudspark hey we all have room to grow ;-) #imcchat ~And, we should be!!”

“A2: Biz cards scanned within 24hrs, usually go over the @Hashtracking report after the event to make sure I didn't miss any online #IMCchat

“A1: YES! Absolutely! the opportunity to talk face to face with someone, see them in a different setting strengthens relationships #IMCchat

“Afternoon #IMCchat

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