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“Have policy & training, culture change, develop content, let ur employees engage influencers ensure biz alignment @ScottMonty #CMWorld”

“Combination of data and manual investigation to find influencers via @LeeOdden #CMWorld”

“The time to start recruiting influencers is NOT the day you need them via @LeeOdden #CMWorld”

Influencer participation can be blended into your content marketing mix via @LeeOdden #CMWorld”

“RT @wrightsmedia: Gearing up for #cmworld. Aren't these influencer cards the bomb diggity? ~YES!! Totally need!!”

“RT @carmenhill: Content and Influencer Marketing is A Powerful Way to Grow Your Business #CMWorld ”

“4 Ways to Get Influencers to Spread Your Brand's Message via @EntMagazine by @annhandley

“How to find influencers on Twitter via @IanCleary ~Great tools here!! @twtrland @SocialBro @TwitonomyApp

Facebook Introduces Influencers and

Facebook Introduces Influencers and "Mentions"

Facebook Introduces Influencers and "Mentions" via @relevance

“A1: Determine value, can you build a community, connect with potential customers, influencers & add value #SproutChat”

How to Use Content & Influence to Grow Your Business

How to Use Content & Influence to Grow Your Business

Via @LeeOdden, his #SMMW14 preso on how to use content and influencers to create more compelling social content.

“Really excited to see @SamFiorella and @zacharyjeans joining @constellationrg and the Constellation Orbits influencers Network with @rwang0

“A10: I've seen influencers be dishonest about their experiences, ruins their rep & costs the brand trust #CMWorld”

“Heh @NickKellet you make influencers sound like puppies!! @SFerika #cmworld”

“RT @devonna_j: A8. Both our #ContentMarketing strategy & internal Social Ambassador Program contribute to engaging w/ influencers #cmworld”

“RT @heidicohen: Love this=>RT @SFerika: Influencers are not like Pokeman -- you shouldn't try to collect them all! ;) #cmworld ~Lol!!”

“RT @amandamaks: A7: Organize an event to get influencers all in one room and like others have said, pick their brains to the extreme #CMWorld”

“A7: you shouldn't use your influencers, EVER but give them ways to help, explain what you are doing! People want to help #CMWorld”

“RT @amandamaks A1 Influencers come in a lot of shapes & sizes too. Could be customers, industry experts, consultants, bloggers, etc #cmworld”

“RT @businessgp: #CMWorld Should never forget that influencers are both ON & OFF line. Don't overlook that. ~Exactly!!”

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