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“A1: I'm on an offline #staycation!! There will be lots of sleep, coffee and #Bacon!! #SweetTalk”

“A1: Building a strong network of smart, generous people! Making it easy for people to find me, ask me questions-online & offline #Luv4Social”

“A3: I try to meet people offline as much as possible! Luv to make that deeper more realz! #SweetTalk”

“RT @Cinnabon: Q1: Where do you find most of your offline friends online? #SweetTalk”

“RT @40deuce: @lttlewys @StoneCreekCoffe Is that a local coffee shop? #smmeasure ~Yup! Taking more offline ;-)”

“RT @40deuce: Q5) How can we measure offline sales, like in-store, as a result of social media? #smmeasure”

“RT @NikkiPezzopane: A1: Spreading awareness offline and having that person to person contact works wonders. #sproutchat”

“Once you start the convo, keep talking to them, connect other places #SocialTrifecta, try to meet offline!! #SocialChat”

“RT @bryankramer: A5: Digitizing the once traditional processes, to emulate the offline human interactions and systems is no small task #socbizchat”

“RT @bryankramer: A5: It's about integrating the offline world with the online into a seamless interaction. This is the new Sharing Economy. #SHRM14”

“RT @CTrappe: Online and offline should be seamless. That's what we strive for. I consider online just as real life as offline. #cmworld”

“A2: Open internal communications, #sCRM's that are combing the online/offline cust relationship and rapid response for cust serv #CXO”

“Morning #brandchat I'm Brandie freelance Community Manager, helping people to build, grow & develop strategy for their online/offline brand”

“I'm with @tamcdonald on this, marketing is part of #CX, the key is to align the experience on all platforms, offline & online #daychat”

“RT @pprothe: Join us in 50 minutes for #IMCchat focused on integrating offline & online marketing. with @cloudspark and yours truly (4pm ET”

“I see a lot of brands that have great mrktg & entertain us online,does that translate/carry over to offline/purchase experience? #BrandChat!”

“A8: Yes, listening to the Community and making sure the online/offline is the same #CustServ will help u adjust to better serve ur customer”

“RT @bschorr: @MarshaCollier A3: Lose my temper (at least not publicly). #custserv ~Lol!! My offline rants at my puter are #epic!!”

“RT @bornonjuly4 A: Track Online and Offline Channel attribution to conversion using modeling techniques like Time Decay Attribution #cxo”

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