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“RT @sourcePOV: Excellent clarification !! thx RT @ajmunn A4 "Accountability rests with the 'ask' not the 'give' " #smchat

“RT @ajmunn: Right @autom8 - tell the story. Build context. Show #smchat

“RT @DTNEtiquette: Social media skills needed = be real, be kind, be respectful, be engaged - #smchat

“RT @SMSJOE: @ajmunn digital living is a state of being, it's utility access collaboration and it's human interaction #smchat ~YES!!”

“RT @ajmunn: A5: Social used as one way to address custserv whilst custexp lives everywhere brand touches ppl. Different concepts #smchat

“RT @SteveCassady: A1) Surveys, Listen and Listen, TouchPoint Consistency, Executive Side by sides: had a lot changes with those. #smchat

“Thanks @ambercleveland Great #SMChat as alwys!!”

“RT @SMSJOE: A4 probably better to empower than try to scale through automation #smchat

“A4: Some issues can only be directed/answered in a single way... can alwys personalize with name but... #smchat

“RT @ajmunn: A3: Using your data & gleening trends can be useful. However need to avoid automation #smchat

“A3: Not run algorithm, certainly look at the profile & past tweets before responding, don't just respond. Could be a troll!! #smchat

“A2: Ugh, assumptions... not everyone is using Social for #custserv, it could be they don't have the capability or know how #smchat

“A1: Yes, Companies should have an established Twitter, IF it makes sense. If they do use it for #CustServ, need to be clear about it #smchat

“RT @ajmunn: Hello #smchat - catching up ~Same ;-)”

Mobile App Usage Increasing for 2014. Charting the future. | #SMCHAT on

Mobile App Usage Increasing for 2014. Charting the future. | #SMCHAT on

RT @autom8: .@SMSJOE: Rise of mobile app usage Join us today 1PMET #smchat | @ambercleveland @ajmunn @bmkatz @sourcePOV @Tehcobra

“A2: Yup, it's become amplified, less private and way more public! #SMChat

“RT @Hoovers: A1: #Custserv metrics are in for an overhaul. Traditional measures don't always translate on social. #smchat

“A1: I certainly hope so! I think many companies are turning towards a customer first centric culture, puttin it at the top #SMChat

“RT @djaskier A1 Targeted mobile is geared towards a segment of people, while personalized seems to be more aimed at ea specific user #smchat

“A1: personalized is geared less towards location/locale and more emotionally tied with a personal call to action #smchat

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