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“Sorry, had to bounce!! @40deuce I'll send you a list ;-) #SMmeasure

“A2: IF they were accurate, kinda cool... if you can circle back to conversations #SMmeasure

“RT @Sysomos: RT @40deuce: Q1) Have you seen/had access to Twitter's new analytics? What are your initial thoughts? #smmeasure

“A1: I have, using it and aside from it being borked, a lot... it's ok. I liked the old ones a little better!! #SMmeasure

“RT @40deuce: Today we're going to be talking about @twitter's new analytics #smmeasure

“RT @40deuce: Today's #SMmeasure questions are now posted at Today we're talking about @Twitter analytics”

“A1: Usually, meet people at Coffee shops, conferences and events!! #SMmeasure

“RT @TimElliottUK: @40deuce Good work today buddy a great #smmeasure that one ;) ~Agree!!”

“RT @TimElliottUK: @40deuce is that iconosquare now ? #smmeasure ~Ohh, love iconsquare!!”

“RT @jesephm: @movystream I like this, compartmentalize and take steps that lead to scale. Don't try to scale right off the bat! #smmeasure

“RT @40deuce: @lttlewys How do you figure out how to measure your effectiveness on new channels? #smmeasure

“RT @Social_Chef: A3) Use it and see if it works. Doing research and see if your audience is using said social networks. #smmeasure

“RT @AgentPalmer: A3: Trial an error on a personal account to see if there is any biz benefit... #smmeasure

“A3: Look at the data, is my community talking about it, are they using it... is it adding value #SMmeasure

“Also, @TechCrunch @wired and other news feeds #SMmeasure

“A2: Word of mouth, people know i like to play with new toys, they send me links! Also, I keep an eye on @RazorSocial @IanCleary #SMmeasure

“RT @40deuce: @lttlewys @StoneCreekCoffe Is that a local coffee shop? #smmeasure ~Yup! Taking more offline ;-)”

“A1: Yup... I use @StoneCreekCoffe for networking!! ;-) #SMmeasure

“Morning!! #SMmeasure

“Gotta scoot!! Thanks much @40deuce @SteveCassady @CBarrows #smmeasure

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