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“A5: Digital footprint, brand recognition and social cred, if done right they can contribute to ROI #SMmeasure

“A4: Lack of interest, overshadowed by others, to much noise #SMmeasure

“I think most people tweeted just for fun, very few brands interacted, not sure I would consider that a success #SMmeasure

“A3: what are you considering performed well? traffic, impressions #SMmeasure

“RT @RC_Lacy: A2) Easy to remember and highly engaging. A call to action to look up that hashtag NOW. #Smmeasure

“A2: does it work with my goals, can it be it long term campaign and can I use it to create traffic & profit #SMmeasure

“RT @TheDanLevy: A1) #SMmeasure also make it easier to measure the effectiveness of the campaign. Cc @40deuce ~YES!!”

“A1: It immediately creates a phrase, word to relate back to brand, cross platform, screen. good start to build community #SMmeasure

“RT @SteveCassady: RT @40deuce A1) Sentiment can give you an understanding of how your brand is currently being perceived in the social space #SMmeasure

“RT @kirstenwright: Q3: We use the same image usually, but different copy depending on the audience @iSocial_Fanz #SMMeasure ~Same here”

“RT @sprout_sarah: A2) Spend more time on Google+. #smmeasure

“A2:A lot of testing, comparing notes with others that are doing the same thing... seeing what works. FB is wonky anyways #smmeasure

“RT @SteveCassady: A1) Look at downstream measures as part of customer life cycle. Need to set up for it. #smmeasure

“A1: Eyes that see the post and comments #smmeasure

“Howdy all!! #smmeasure

“RT @40deuce: The #SMmeasure chat returns from holidays today at noon(EST)/9am(PST)! Tell your friends all about it! ~WooT!!”

“RT @clickflickca: A4. To beat 2013 results. #SMmeasure ~HEH!!!”

“A4: Being able to adjust to all the platform changes. Those are going to affect my numbers in a big way ;-) #SMmeasure

“A3: Less confusion, more flexibility in reporting ;-) #SMmeasure

“A2: Changing the way I defined, looked for and found influencers ;-) #SMmeasure

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