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Content Opportunity Report Tool For Local SEO & Marketing Success

Content Opportunity Report Tool For Local SEO & Marketing Success

RT @kmullett: The tool we're talking about is a Content Opportunity Report. Download it here for free. » #socialchat

“RT @kmullett: A3 Content 101: Solve your problems, then write about it because you're likely solving other peoples problems too. #socialchat

“RT @kmullett: *As long as it is quality traffic! Driving users that just bounce to your site is likely to have negative impact. #socialchat

“Evening!! #socialchat

“RT @aknecht: Social Analytics tonight at 9pm EST on #Socialchat with guest @saralingafelter - Join us & bring some friends - Pls RT”

“A2: #BlogChat, #SocialChat #GetRealChat, #AtomicChat #BizForum #CMWorld, #ContentChat #HBRogue”

“RT @AmyVernon: Join me tonight on #SocialChat to talk about Managing Your Social Community with @aknecht and @SocialMichelleR - 9pmET/6pmPT”

“RT @mannyrivas: A6 BTW, if you're looking for a great video marketing resource, make sure you check out @reelseo #SocialChat

“RT @SocialMichelleR: See how I did that #SocialChat Tips AND a study guide ;) hehehe ~*golfclap* #WellDone”

“RT @tburgess57: @wordwhacker I am trying to find the fine line between cats and tech #socialchat ~LOL!!”

“RT @FiveMinPro: A5 - Integrating the video into an article that then links to various #socialmedia #socialchat

“RT @mannyrivas: A5 Love the idea of seeding engagement through paid, organic & paid-organic in several channels #SocialChat

“RT @SocialMichelleR: Q5 @mannyrivas What are the best ways to make use of YouTube content in other social channels? #SocialChat

“RT @mannyrivas: YT will use the transcripts to not only generate closed captions but to understand what the video is about. #socialchat

“RT @OliviaCRoat: A4: Relevant tags, links in descriptions, CTAs #socialchat

“RT @mannyrivas: A4: YT video pages are like any other webpage, links are still important. #SocialChat

“RT @MaliaAuParis: @OliviaCRoat unfortunately trolls always find a way... #socialchat ~Yup!!”

“RT @saratweetshere: @iSocial_Fanz Demographics for G+ versus Twitter, Facebook still differ I think. #socialchat ~Totally!!”

“RT @mannyrivas: A3 There's an added level of authenticity not available pre-G+/YT integration. #SocialChat

“RT @iSocial_Fanz: #socialchat The importance of establishing a relationship and continuing engagement is the true value of #socialmedia”

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