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“Much thanks @SocialMichelleR and @aknecht Great to be in #SocialChat again tonite!!”

“Once you start the convo, keep talking to them, connect other places #SocialTrifecta, try to meet offline!! #SocialChat

“RT @SocialMichelleR: That's the beautiful thing about ACTUALLY getting to know individuals. They know they can trust you #SocialChat

“A4: Let them know what you do, share with them value... show them you value their time & $$ #SocialChat

“RT @kmullett: A3: i put new contacts into a "new reads" list and then make an effort to find something to share or comment on. #socialchat

“RT @kmullett: If I see someone adds relevant commentary, I know they read it and aren't just blindly passing it on. #socialchat

“RT @aknecht: @CBarrows Guess people like to go where others are gathering. #socialchat ~And, where everyone knows your name!”

“A2: Do your homework, see what they talk about, share, connect with them other places. Ask what you can do to help them! #SocialChat

“RT @SocialMichelleR: Q2 How do you move those new contacts into conversations about what matters to them? #SocialChat

“RT @aknecht: @SocialMichelleR Yes everyone loves positive reinforcement. That works across all social channels. #SocialChat

“A1: Start the conversation ALL the time, when you want to meet someone, someone interests you with something they share or say #SocialChat

“RT @aknecht: Welcome to #SocialChat N° 170! Tonight's topic the Social Cycle”

“RT @SocialMichelleR: Paying attention to where a content nugget takes the conversation is half the content battle #SocialChat

“Glad you stayed up! #SocialChat

“RT @SparkerWorks: It's impossible to delight, entertain, & educate the whole world. Just focus on your world. #socialchat

“RT @RicDragon: A3a time to hit the whiteboard with your team and brainstorm. Think through all the places and ways #SocialChat

“RT @kmullett: If people would just grasp the concept of solving peoples problems, answering questions, or entertaining them. #socialchat

Content Opportunity Report Tool For Local SEO & Marketing Success

Content Opportunity Report Tool For Local SEO & Marketing Success

RT @kmullett: The tool we're talking about is a Content Opportunity Report. Download it here for free. » #socialchat

“RT @kmullett: A3 Content 101: Solve your problems, then write about it because you're likely solving other peoples problems too. #socialchat

“RT @kmullett: *As long as it is quality traffic! Driving users that just bounce to your site is likely to have negative impact. #socialchat

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