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Oakland International Airport (OAK)

Oakland International Airport (OAK)

And we're home. Thank you #dent2013 (w/ @danielbru, @Scobleizer, & 3 others at Oakland International Airport (OAK)) —



Grabbing vittles before heading home. #dent2013 (w/ @danielbru, @Scobleizer, & 2 others at Home Team Sports) [pic] —

“Reason to return next year? :) RT @BAoki: My only sad memory of #dent2013 is being #denied biscuits at Moosegirls cc @danielbru @themaria

Twitter / danielbru: Want to see @marcusnelson from ...

Twitter / danielbru: Want to see @marcusnelson from ...

Oh, that. RT @danielbru: Want to see @marcusnelson from 1996 when he was a J.Crew model? Feast your eyes! #Dent2013

“"To make a dent in the universe you need both to lead with both brain & the heart." Marc Onetto #dent2013

“"Amazon empowers customer agents w/ authority to pull product from the website if they think there might be a problem" Marc Onetto #dent2013

“"Perfect customer centeredness is operationally impossible" (But just keep improving) says Marc Onetto #dent2013 #amazon /via @BAoki

“"It's okay to make a mistake in pursuing customer centricity, you just can't make the mistake again." Marc Onetto #dent2013

“Ahhh! RT @mkonnikova exactly. He was paid to sit somewhere else- while he entrusted store to his new 'clerk,' one of the thieves. #dent2013

“So @mkonnikova, Sherlock Holmes took 3 pipes to solve the red-headed employee's concern… What was the reason they hired him? #dent2013

Eugene Burger is a excellent story teller and magician! #Dent2013

Eugene Burger is a excellent story teller and magician! #Dent2013

Eugene Burger is a excellent story teller and magician! #Dent2013 /via @skadeedle

“"What you think is impossible, maybe is possible after all. Magic proves this." Eugene Burger #Dent2013 /via @WendySLea

“"The thought I leave is you are a magician, to write your own narrative, solve your own mysteries, or play victim." Eugene Burger #dent2013

“"Narrative can be sending a thought. Sometimes we hit, & sometimes we don't, but that's what we do." Eugene Burger #dent2013

“"I think magic reminds us that life is full of surprises, but a judgement… are you still full of surprises?" Eugene Burger #dent2013

“"Magicians construct narratives. Like metaphors of torn paper, cut rope: The symbolism is the broken can be healed" Eugene Burger #dent2013

“RT @moniguzman: "To say that something's impossible to a magician is only to challenge the magician." Eugene Burger. What we can learn from magic #Dent2013

“"Magic is about distracting the attention & perception of the crowd so they see what I want them to see" Eugene Burger #dent2013

“"What you see as spontaneity is a scripted show. That's the value of rehearsal. Practice in parts." Eugene Burger #dent2013

“Eugene Burger says, "If we are all so easily deceived, why? This is why a magician begins with the end in their head" #dent2013

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