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“For mobile #email, you can check out tools such as @sparrowapp, @mailbox (if you can get into the beta) & @bufferapp #dellsmbchat

“To be honest, #email tools are great but it really comes down to people being smarter about how they use email #dellsmbchat

“A good tool to manage email newsletters is @unrollme, which puts them into a special folder automatically #dellsmbchat

“I'd suggest adding filters, labeling, and being disciplined about #email newsletters can really help #dellsmbchat

“I also like @wisestamp to put your email signature on steroids #dellsmbchat

“My one-two #email punch are @rapportive to get info on who has emailed me & @contactmonkey to track email opens #dellsmbchat - Your Address Book Automagically Updated! - Your Address Book Automagically Updated!

Some #email tools I'd recommend are Rapportive, Xobni, ContactMonkey, Unroll, WiseStamp, #dellsmbchat

“For example, sending an email at night or during the weekend usually cajoles someone to respond during non-work hours #dellsmbchat

“When you send someone an email should also be part of the mix. #dellsmbchat

“For some people checking #email every hour is a must, while other people can live with checking at certain points in the day. #dellsmbchat

“It means having structure about not only when you read emails but when you send them. #dellsmbchat

“That's a tough one because there is no hard rule. I'd say people need to be way more disciplined about using email #dellsmbchat

“I'm a big email animal. I can't understand it when people message me on LinkedIn or Facebook. :) #dellsmbchat

“Instead, we're using email more & more because it's such an effective communications medium. #dellsmbchat

“First, email isn't going anywhere despite the rise of social media. #dellsmbchat

“Workstations also feature ISV certification, which lets software applications run faster at maximum up-time. #dellsmbchat

“Other reasons could be the need for speed, performance and scalability when using graphics, CAD systems, etc. #dellsmbchat

“SMBs with tougher computing demands & who need the best hardware would be suited to a workstation #dellsmbchat

“Personally, I have a desktop for the home office, and a laptop for the kitchen table & when I'm mobile #dellsmbchat

“I'd say SMB animators, engineers and professionals in the oil & gas sector would benefit most from using a workstation. #dellsmbchat

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