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“RT @binarybits: And no that's not an April fools joke. There really is a company that has thousands of tiny antennas to exploit a loophole in copyright law.”

“RT @kashhill: Like ads, April Fools Jokes should be labeled on news sites. (And avoided by readers if at all possible.)”

Newspapers, Delivered by Drone

Newspapers, Delivered by Drone

so this "French newspapers delivered by drone" thing is an April Fool's joke, right?

“RT @brianstelter: Already tricked twice today. And it's only 8:45. Happy April Fools Day everyone.”

“RT @johnrobinson: News media April Fool's jokes: Are they unprofessional? Do they demonstrate light-heartedness? Or are they one more thing to distrust?”

“RT @levie: Google is the one company whose April Fools jokes are more realistic than their actual products.”

“RT @omarg: If you send me an April Fool's press release tomorrow, I reserve the right to email you back a gruesome autopsy photo. Because April Fool!”

“RT @zimbalist: Caveat reader: Algorithmic aggregators will be very weird for the next 24 hours as they lack context for demoting April Fools stories.”

“considering taking tomorrow off from the internet just so I don't have to put up with all the lame April Fool's "jokes" #curmudgeon”

Thread: The creepiest April 1 web page?

Thread: The creepiest April 1 web page?

RT @peterrojas: I'm with @davewiner on this one: if you do news, you shouldn't do April Fool's pranks.

“RT @diskopo: "Your dog is dead! Wait why are you crying, I was kidding." April Fools "jokes" are like. Please don't.”

Thread: The creepiest April 1 web page?

Thread: The creepiest April 1 web page?

I always feel like a curmudgeon when I say this, but I hate April Fool's news articles too - @davewiner is right:

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