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“RT @JuliaRosien: 10 seriously simple ways to #sleep better, starting tonight => via @RestonicBeds #sleephealth”

“RT @JuliaRosien: How you #sleep says a lot about your creativity, health & life: via @RestonicBeds #sleephealth”

“RT @JuliaRosien: Shift worker? Tap into these life-saving #sleep strategies => via @RestonicBeds #sleepblog”

“RT @JuliaRosien At @RestonicBeds we love to talk about #sleep as much as we like to do it. Do you? #sleepblog”

“RT @JuliaRosien Is your bedroom designed for sleep? Tap into #hpmkt #design wisdom: v @RestonicBeds #bedroomtherapy”

“How to Sleep Better in 7 Days ”

“RT @JuliaRosien: Learn how #hpmkt designers create their perfect sleep spaces: via @RestonicBeds #bedroomtherapy”

“RT @JuliaRosien: Bedroom designed for sleep? Leave your i-everything at the door: via @RestonicBeds #bedroomtherapy”

“RT @JuliaRosien: How do you design an A-lister #sleep space? @Dcoopsd can help => via @RestonicBeds #bedroomtherapy”

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