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“Is There a Tablet That Can Make You Forget Your Laptop? | Ultimate Social Blog via @Jason__Ramsey #VZWbuzz

“RT @zipporahs: #ad 10 things I can do with my @VerizonWireless Galaxy S5 that I can't do with an iPhone #VZWBuzz

“Thank you for joining today's #VZWbuzz Twitter party and RECAP! Thank you @RobynsWorld @geekbabe @joycecherrier @TheOnlineMom @TheTechDad

“Do you want a Mobile Makeover? Fill up the #VZWBuzz Makeover Application perfect for those with old phones”

“Focus on small things to achieve your fitness goals - @joycecherrier #VZWBuzz

“RT @RobynsWorld: @ReviewsMall @mistygirlph @joycecherrier Lose It and My Fitness Pal great calorie counters #VZWBuzz

“we should set an appointment for ourselves (me) time is important - @joycecherrier #VZWBuzz

“Yup > RT @AMomOf2Beauties: Amazing what giving up sugar can help you out in being healty and fit #VZWBuzz

“saw @TheOnlineMom sit on an exercise ball while she works ! < what a great idea #VZWBuzz

“YES > RT @ahytts: You are most likely to succeed if you you enjoy what you are doing #VZWBuzz

“Energy level is one way to measure if you are exercising and eating right - @TheOnlineMom #VZWBuzz

“Combine exercise and eat right that will help you get fit and healthier - combine both - @joycecherrier #VZWBuzz

“RT @Techtembo888: I do like all of these new devices to help accountability #VZWBuzz

“Get the chance to win a HTC One M8 Smartphone  #VZWbuzz  RECAP TOPIC: Watch LIVE NOW ”

“It has S M L sizes RT @chellez437: Does the Jawbone UP come in different sizes or is it a one size fits all? #VZWBuzz

“RESOURCE: 10 Apps to Help Monitor Your Health - #VZWBuzz

“I wish right > RT @ahytts: Is there a fitness device or app that zaps you when you pick up junk food? Great way to train ; ) #VZWBuzz

“RT @LoveSportsMom: @joycecherrier @TheOnlineMom Thanks for showing us these devices today! #VZWBuzz

“We now have @joycecherrier with @TheOnlineMom LIVE @TheOnlineMom #VZWBuzz RECAP ”

“Cool > RT @AMomOf2Beauties: Hello everyone! Recap music has toddler dancing! :-D #VZWBuzz

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