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“The 21st century began with terror, war, and economic calamity. It is our duty to steer it onto the path of freedom, peace, and prosperity.”

“America's security and the cause of freedom cannot afford four more years like the last four years.”

“Economic freedom is the only force in history that has consistently lifted people out of poverty – and kept people out of poverty.”

“On this most somber day, America is united under God in its quest for peace and freedom at home and across the world.”

“This is a vote for what kind of America we're going to have - I vote for freedom & free people #BelieveInAmerica ”

“Our economy runs on freedom, not government. It's time we put our faith back in the American people #BelieveInAmerica #RomneyRyan2012”

“As president, I will stand up and protect religious freedom whenever it is threatened ”

“The American economy is fueled by freedom, the only principle that has ever created sustained prosperity ”

Freedom, hard work & innovation build successful businesses. Download a sign & share your photo using #BuiltByUS ”

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