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“I have a Skynyrd tee with a battle flag, given to me by my buddy Redneck, who I worked many a late night show with, adding to the sentiment.”

“haha. yes, I'm a Yankee who grew up on Lynyrd Skynyrd, and that was my first association with the battle flag.”

“Most popular topics: Brad Paisley, stagehand, Local Crew, Respect, obama's bus, peasants, Natural Born, Southern Rock, Battle Flag”

“reflecting on things for a minute, I guess a lot of us lost someone who was fighting the same battle bigger'n all of us today. RIP.”

battle flag haters won't get that. working men and women probably will.”

“safe to say if I see a rebel battle flag anywhere on your truck during the morning commute, you're probably not getting gov't assistance.”

“morning radio talking custody battles. child out of wedlock: mother is sole custodian.”

RT @iResistAll: Christian friends please pray 4 our patriot sister @STXherry at the end of her battle w/ cancer. Update #TeamSTXherry

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