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conservatives (who I mostly identify with) block me, and leftist/progressives (who I certainly find nothing redeeming) follow me. What'sup..”

“"If you pay for an abortion, you are owed a dead baby." ah, any fiscal conservatives want to weigh in on that statement?”

“The whole "we only read these sites", on both sides, isn't really winning eyeballs for conservatives, is it?”

Conservatives are the grown ups in the room. What works for a screaming brat is not the tactic grownups adapt.”

“let's see, conservatives are making sense, so even if I disagree I'll still follow and argue with 'em, by that virtue. Or I could block 'em.”

Conservative news source in South Florida, (where it's sorely needed, IMHO): @BIZPACReview

“RT @SRMooreSr: The burning issue for conservatives is to regain control of a runaway FedGov. The burning issue for liberals is to stop us!”

“I don't recall ever interacting with most conservatives that I later find out have blocked me. That seems odd to me.”

Twitter / InfidelAlie: Dr. Ben Carson's CPAC 2013 ...

Twitter / InfidelAlie: Dr. Ben Carson's CPAC 2013 ...

bummer. Blocked by a lot of conservatives. Apparently by @infidelAlie, also. Oh, well: Dr. Ben Carson at CPAC:

“reading about Calvin Coolidge. No wonder some modern conservatives admire him.”

“theorizing that the difference between conservatives and liberals these days is whether they elect rulers or representatives.”

“RT @stephenkruiser: Esp. gay slurs. RT @toddkincannon: .@ParkeCarson Liberals use slurs far more than conservatives. That's one thing Twitter has taught me.”

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