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“I was just thinking the other day how my generation was the target audience for the movie Red Dawn.”

“RT @AM_Hoffman: @motownmutt My generation is lost, morally speaking, and the socially liberal impact on them will take decades to resolve, unfortunately.”

“It's going to take generations, so why not disseminate the information where it may fall. Johnny Appleseed, and all that.”

“So, my part in passing down the values of my parents' generation was a failure. We wanted hot chicks dancing on MTV.”

“it was probably during my generation, gen X, where referring to women as "bitches" replaced calling women "chicks" in pop culture. feminism?”

“it took generations to get to the point where we are. If you want it to change, don't expect it overnight.”

“RT @iowahawkblog: We encouraged a generation of people to borrow $100,000 for worthless college degrees, and wonder why they're not having kids.”

“1) one of these things is not like the other. 2) entitlement society depends on future generations, see #1.”

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