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“You keep thinking, "okay, they can't still be blaming Bush, right?". And realise Leftists *still* blame Margaret Thatcher 23 years later...”

Margaret Thatcher and Feminism

Margaret Thatcher and Feminism

RT @jimgeraghty: Further thoughts on Margaret Thatcher and Feminism:

“RT @piersmorgan: To all those spewing bile and vitriol at Margaret Thatcher today - she's dead, what more do you want? Show some respect.”

“RT @CandiceLanier: RT @edwindearborn: @CandiceLanier "There is no such thing as public money, there is only taxpayers' money" -Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher will be remembered long after George Galloway is forgotten.
- Fiona , London, 08/4/2013 16:53”

“RT @Mich_Delish: Margaret Thatcher dies and this guy's first thought is about Sarah Palin ---> Weirdo @daveweigel

“"There is no such thing as entitlement, unless someone has first met an obligation." - Margaret Thatcher

Twitter / erikrush: RT @snarkandboobs: 'I've ...

Twitter / erikrush: RT @snarkandboobs: 'I've ...

I'm not surprised that today's youth don't know who Margaret Thatcher is, nor much else about the 70s thru 80s.

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