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“gay marriage arguments sound like flat tax argument to me.”

Full List of Obamacare Tax Hikes | Congressman Jeff Duncan

Full List of Obamacare Tax Hikes | Congressman Jeff Duncan

Full list of 3 year old Obamacare tax increases, so far, (before it goes into full effect; then who knows).

“RT @ProudoftheUSA: The Dems FINALLY pass a "spend like drunken sailors, tax you to death plan". It raises taxes by almost 1T & adds 600B to the deficit. #tcot”

Their Own Devices

Their Own Devices

The Senate repeals one ObamaCare tax among many, 79 to 20.

“RT @michellemalkin: Backpedal faster, clowns. RT @jamiedupree: Senate votes 79-20 for repeal of the medical device tax in the Obama health law”

“since I've been introduced to the 'swear jar' concept, I've been interested in buying in bulk. Tax season and all.”

“"If somebody got up to dance, there would be 20% more tax on the dollar. If someone got up there and sang a song, it would be 20% more,"”

“RT @umairh: This is the logic of the financial fetishists at it's purest. The real "tax" is the subsidy banks get, for nothing, at society's expense.”

“So, the Senate has proposed a budget. $0.975 Trillion in tax hikes.”

Gunservatively's Twitter

Gunservatively's Twitter

leftists: "give us tax money [purportedly] to train men not to rape [really 4 GOTV]; women don't need self defense."

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