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“Think I've made it through most of the wsj articles on Thatcher. We're lucky for her legacy.”

“a full page and a quarter in wsj dedicated to the PM who "inherited" a country crippled by strikes.”

“I'm surprised at how much attention this letter Susan Patton wrote is getting. It's in the WSJ this AM.”

Food Stamp Use Swells as Economy Improves

Food Stamp Use Swells as Economy Improves

An article on food stamp enrollment, also WSJ.

“decent book review on Herbert Hoover in the WSJ today. unfortunately comcast connection isn't letting me google it. "He Knew He Was Right"”

“"States shouldn't be free to,,," Pretty much didn't bother reading that gay "marriage" opinion piece in the WSJ this AM.”

wsj letter to editor title: "Single Moms Prefer High-Rolling Big Gov to Mere Men"”

“haven't made it through the gay "marriage" article in the wsj yet. I just don't care about the issue much, but do have my opinions.”

“"Republicans Warm To Obama's Efforts" actual WSJ headline. All the dinner eaters did is ensure Obama gets credit/Republicans get blame.”



and a hashtag headline on wsj. #SequesterThis

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