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“RT @DabneyPorte: Tip ~ It is not the numbers of followers/impressions you make, but the impression you LEAVE on others that matters most! #SmManners

“RT @SusanCross1: @GLAMChief .@DabneyPorte Peop who send instant sales DMs r like guys who try 2 get 2 3rd base on 1st date b4 taking u 2 dinner! #SmManners

“RT @Ciesla504: Be kind. Be respectful. Don't tear down .. help to create, build, bring others UP along side you! Lead! #SMmanners

“RT @BrandIdeas: Nobody should try and be "influential" - being helpful resonates much further and means much more #smmanners

“RT @sgoodacre: REAL engagement too, not perfunctory RT @nakeva: TIP: GIVE something before you GET something. Engagement is a 2-way street. #smmanners

“RT @johndanes: Treat others online the way you want to be treated! RT @DabneyPorte: @angielembo We must mind our manners/be kind online! #smmanners

“TIP: Do Social Media for YOU, to GIVE something before you GET something. Engagement is a 2-way street. Life mantra & #SmManners rule IMO.”

“RT @DabneyPorte: TIP~ I use a timer on my desk. When it rings, I move on to my scheduled meetings, calls and other business tasks. #SmManners

“Yes, I count email as "offline" engagement because it takes convo out of public eye and gets personal. #SmManners

“RT @MindyRodenburg: TIP: Be consistent in your posting. Can't increase online engagement / relationships when you're not sharing or responding #SmManners

“RT @DabneyPorte: TIP ~ Know who your audience is! Stop competing w your peers and get to work! #SmManners

“RT @TomekaNapper: @DabneyPorte Yep "I believe #SoMe is an extension of who I am in real life. If I'm authentic in real life, I'm authentic online." #SmManners

“RT @DabneyPorte: QUESTION ~ What is your number ONE tip for increasing your online engagement/relationships? Let's share! Start tweet w TIP #SmManners

“RT @DabneyPorte: It's 10PM on a Tuesday and for more then THREE years that means it is GO GO GO time for #SmManners Hit RT if you are here!”

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