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“RT @TylerReed: Build and grow a business with instinct and vision. Manage a business with data and numbers. Healthy combination of the two will guide you.”

“RT @RyanBrussow: Build Your Business on Your Strengths, Hire Your Team to Cover Your Weaknesses ”

“There's this thing called 'value' &when you offer it to people,they give you 'money' &tell their friends.Business is weird that way.”

Survival Secrets of the Longest-Lasting Business Owners

Survival Secrets of the Longest-Lasting Business Owners

RT @jasonfried: Anyone can start a business. That's not the hard part. The hard part is staying in business—>

“A records people, A records. can't believe how many businesses don't have them set up correctly. Who still types in WWW these days?!”

“RT @theRealKiyosaki: Educate, empower, and trust your team. If you don't, your business will stay small.”

Twitter / Carli_bv: Pre-screening for @GeorgeChamber ...

Twitter / Carli_bv: Pre-screening for @GeorgeChamber ...

RT @Carli_bv: Pre-screening for @GeorgeChamber Entrepreneurship programme, joint initiative with Thembalethu Business Partnership

“RT @BrettCommaille: Friday JHB flight on SAA- politicians in business class. Business people in the economy ... class. Irony?”

David Heinemeier Hansson at Startup School 08

David Heinemeier Hansson at Startup School 08

RT @CraigCRMcLeod: One of the best start-up chats I have ever heard, start a real business. cc @InnovHub

“RT @BDarchinger: Business takes time, success takes even longer and wealth creation is a lifelong pursuit. #startup”

“RT @realDonaldTrump: Entrepreneurs: If you cannot handle the tough times, you will never be successful in business. Stay positive & stay strong!”

“#FF #FollowFriday you better cast your twitter stream upon @andyhadfield #business #tech #insight #StartupLessons”

“RT @distancemag: Do you know of hard-working, long-lasting (25+ years!) business that should have their stories told? Reach out to @VelocityWong!”

“RT @realDonaldTrump: Entrepreneurs, always remember that every business relationship can lead to greater deals in the future. Be sure to cultivate relationships”

“RT @bevmerriman: A business makes some ecstatically happy & others immeasurably miserable. The former are happy being miserable for large periods of time.”

“stop focusing on failure as a goal and start focusing on learning ways to survive and keep your business alive. #startup”

“Domain name selection is tricky business...”

“RT @nicharry: I wish corporates would start sponsoring young business people (and not the same old folk) to attend events like Mobile World Congress.”

“FYI @DA_News @MyANC_ Government can't create #RealJobs it can however get out the way and eradicate red tape so that business people can”

“that moment when you discover someone has registered a social profile using one of your business' names…”

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