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“stop focusing on failure as a goal and start focusing on learning ways to survive and keep your business alive. #startup”

“Domain name selection is tricky business...”

“RT @nicharry: I wish corporates would start sponsoring young business people (and not the same old folk) to attend events like Mobile World Congress.”

“FYI @DA_News @MyANC_ Government can't create #RealJobs it can however get out the way and eradicate red tape so that business people can”

“that moment when you discover someone has registered a social profile using one of your business' names…”

Tell a four-word story.

Tell a four-word story.

RT @KeetvZ: Forget 140 chars or an elevator pitch ~ You only get four words to tell your business story #DesignStory @buckhouse

Barefoot CEO: You get 5 types of people

Barefoot CEO: You get 5 types of people

great post by @oneafrikan on people in business.

“RT @KeetvZ: Love how entrepreneurs always use the phrase: "In my previous life, I ..." to explain their careers before founding their own businesses.”

Can you build a business for just 25k USD?

Can you build a business for just 25k USD?

RT @88mph_Africa: Can you build a business for just 25k USD? (by @krestenbuch)

“the @GRincubator is running some business and Tech focused talks at the end of the month, make sure you sign up: ”

“RT @RyanBrussow: The success of any digital project hinges on solving business problems, meeting user needs and creating a product people will use.”

“RT @mikestopforth: the gap between what corporate brands promise and what the business behind them delivers is the source of all their customers' pain.”

“Heard someone say this: "@2050co is a club, for business people"”

“The whole point of business software is realtime insight and process automation #tech4africa #t4a”

“Purpose of BI, help users make better Business decision. #Tech4Africa #t4a”

“Are you building a business that might happen to use technology or are you just building technology #Tech4Africa”

“RT @AngelHubZA: 79% of the fastest growing businesses in the US didn't have a business plan - Paul Smith #Tech4Africa @IBMSmartCamp

“Go into a business that people with understand quickly - makes adoption easier #Tech4Africa #discoveryroom”

“The 'librarian' - curate content, keep learning. Grow yourself, to help grow your business. #Tech4Africa #discoveryroom”

“Using an MVP to test a business hypothesis #Tech4Africa”

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