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“RT @JeamesSailor: @angelawinnick2 @NowWithNicole @nursefriendly @CoachSharlotte "I made it work & you can do it too'. Abuse is a sign of affection #MHPChat”

“RT @NowWithNicole: Or, you're a sinner. "God hates divorce," but He's okay with abuse. @angelawinnick2 @nursefriendly @JeamesSailor @CoachSharlotte #MHPChat”

“RT @angelawinnick2: @NowWithNicole @nursefriendly @JeamesSailor @CoachSharlotte #mhpchat too many say "make it work" but u can't make abuse work.”

“RT @angelawinnick2: @nursefriendly @JeamesSailor @CoachSharlotte #mhpchat and yet so much controversy over topics like spanking...is spanking abuse? And when?”

“RT @angelawinnick2: @nursefriendly #mhpchat they need to know asking for help is positive step, does not make them a cps "target". Staying in abuse will.”

“RT @JeamesSailor: @angelawinnick2 @CoachSharlotte T3. I know of many Latino families facing sexual/physical abuse. No reporting 4 fear of deporting #MHPChat”

“RT @CoachSharlotte: @nursefriendly @angelawinnick2 If the abuse is reported often enough, CPS will get involved anyway #MHPChat”

“RT @angelawinnick2: #mhpchat many parents fear admitting abuse will bring state depts into home for child's welfare. Issue needs to be addressed for them.”

“RT @angelawinnick2: @JeamesSailor @nursefriendly @CoachSharlotte #Mhpchat saddest part is children pay highest cost in any abuse situation :( they're often pawn”

“RT @TalyaLewis1: @angelawinnick2 Also possible there is reenactment childhood abuse. The illusion of mastering childhood abuse is powerful. #mhpchat”

“RT @NatriceR: @JeamesSailor @angelawinnick2 @nursefriendly @CoachSharlotte #MHPChat to some life is. "Normal" they feel they deserve it. "Abuse"”

“RT @angelawinnick2: @JeamesSailor @TalyaLewis1 @CoachSharlotte @ultrasoundangie #mhpchat time to change stigma then! No rules on who is victim of abuse!”

“RT @JeamesSailor: @CoachSharlotte T1. Abuse victims will also look to allay any unusual appearances outside the home. Ensuring no one knows. #mhpchat”

“RT @CoachSharlotte: T1. Abuse victims may make excuses for their abuser's behavior or place the them on themselves #MHPChat”

“RT @JeamesSailor: @nursefriendly @CoachSharlotte Can it be said that one is "trapped" if they consider situation of abuse as 'normal'? #MHPChat #culture”

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