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“RT @jenromnes: @nursefriendly @drkdhoffman hard to get help, b/c that is when abuse climaxes. Help has 2 b swift and encompassing to be effective.”

“RT @pfanderson: @NatriceR @nursefriendly @DarlineBedrest Yup. And being a victim-personality can actually provoke abuse from others who normally aren't.”

“RT @jenromnes: 2/2 the abuse will stop if the abuser becomes controlled as penalty for acts of violence: flip the power imbalance #hchlitss”

“RT @DarlineBedrest: The scary truth is that Domestic violence can B generational. Many kids who grow up in abusive homes grow up 2 abuse or B abused. #hchlitss”

“RT @NatriceR: @hchlitss #hchlitss a2 both mental & physical health affected by violence/abuse, denying real cause, spirit broken, fear :(”

“T2 Victims of abuse on top of the physical injuries, have #psychosomatic illnesses, depression, #PTSD over time #hchlitss”

“RT @DarlineBedrest: @anetto That coupled w/the emotional abuse that typically accompanies the physical abuse. These women r really beaten down! #hchlitss”

“RT @RWJF_PubHealth: Approximately 6.1 million Americans abuse or misuse prescription drugs. Learn more with our new app: ”

“T1 It is a given that in any public forum, #bullying, #abuse can increase risk of #suicide. #spsm”

“RT @DianeLight: @MHchat @UBSSW Q 1 Stress triggers regression. If the person has many stress #triggers from unmet needs/trauma more likely 2 abuse. #MHchat”

“RT @MHchat: Question 3 @MHChat: What are some of the effects of substance misuse/abuse on #mentalhealth & illness? #MHChat”

“T1 Have to wonder is people come into a career with #abuse issues, or if they develop once in a new #career. #MHchat”

“RT @MHchat: Question 1 @MHChat: What are some examples of substance misuse/abuse & Why do individuals misuse/abuse addictive substances? #MHChat @MHChat

“RT @ladydawnie: @nursefriendly @kyro @l_ah_c @l_scott_brown @lainiesangels thank you for the #ff getting back to your message, what about verbal abuse?”

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