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“RT @JeamesSailor: @giasison @nursefriendly Gia. I will share 3 possibilities with you and Andrew this weekend. Thanks. Please share your ideas as well.”

“RT @JeamesSailor: @nursefriendly @giasison Good evening Andrew. I'm looking forward to helping and sitting in the seat! #mhstigma”

“RT @JeamesSailor: @nursefriendly @CoachSharlotte Thanks Andrew for introducing topic that is unknown; misunderstood. #MHStimga”

“RT @dystoniamuse: @nursefriendly @giasison TY Andrew, My blog is written with humor but intended to educate. #MHStigma #Dystonia ”

“RT @GoldenLamb: @nursefriendly Andrew, thanks so much for your help. These books are particularly for nurses. Thanks for helping me:)”

“RT @AliceWTMatter: @nursefriendly @bccww Thanks Andrew! I've joined the group and will post an update next time (I don't think I'll get approved in time)...”

“RT @HealthyNaL: @nursefriendly @AWhiteWilliams Q1: Exactly Andrew. Transitions are especially difficult times for both patients and loved ones. #MHPChat”

“RT @NatriceR: @nursefriendly @cginpvd @TiffanyAndLupus very true Andrew! Great connections, fascinating topics opportunities to learn & grow as pt or hcp”

“RT @YinkaVidal: @nursefriendly @coolJonard @endocrine_witch #healthxph Andrew, perhaps hospitals need to set more med education for patients to help outcome”

“RT @jimmie_vanagon: @nursefriendly @endocrine_witch Andrew, I dictate each chart and pt will get summary in their portal as they are driving home #HealthXPH”

“RT @endocrine_witch: Agree Andrew! @nursefriendly Still figuring out how to do that with EMR currently at clinic. Can email summary only. #HealthXPH”

“RT @ResearchChamp: @debraejackson @NursingInquiry @nursefriendly Andrew, wanted to make sure you had the link. See the conversation above”

“RT @NatriceR: @nursefriendly @hcldr I think you sleep on your computer chair Andrew! #dedicated #hcldr #NursesRock”

“RT @JeamesSailor: @nursefriendly @clingasa @SPSMChat @ursulawhiteside Knowledge is power Andrew. Alternative strategies to address standard issues. #SPSM”

“RT @NatriceR: @nursefriendly @anetto I got sucked into your tailwind Andrew!! #tweetchatter #extraordinaire #mhstigma”

“RT @NatriceR: @nursefriendly thanks Andrew and thanks to all great participants in this conversation! Have a good evening #nurseup”

“RT @giasison: @RannPatterson Thanks Rann! We missed you! Paige was great & Andrew :) @SepsisSurvivors @nursefriendly #mhstigma”

“RT @JoeBabaian: @nursefriendly @Med_writer Andrew & Martine - thanks for sharing - very powerful & important. Keep up the great work! #hcldr”

“RT @ClaudiaNichols: Please honor the quiet dedication of nurses-especially Andrew who works tirelessly to advocate for patients & fellow nurses @nursefriendly

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