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“West Deptford, I'm 20 minutes south of Cherry Hill. RT @martinc_lewis: @nursefriendly Andrew
What Township do u call home?”

“Close enough, you're an hour up 295 :) MT @martinc_lewis: Andrew
Didn't realize that we are so close. Want to get together sometime? Martin”

“RT @endocrine_witch: Important Q Andrew! Will it reach the point that certification will be required? Too many apps #HealthXPh @nursefriendly @YinkaVidal

Caregiving Today

Caregiving Today

RT @SrCareCorner: TY Andrew, Happy Thanksgiving! @nursefriendly Caregiving Today is out! Stories @SrCareCorner @tommyNtour @AgingWisely

“RT @askmehouse: @nursefriendly Thanks, Andrew. Great to join in this evening. I don't "get" all the #'s and stuff, but the basic conversation is great!”

“RT @OhMyJet: Andrew @nursefriendly I truly hope you along w/ @GailZahtz and @GDSFoundation and others will continue to teach/lead and SPEAK cntd #CPHC”

“RT @Med_writer: RT @MandyHollis3: @nursefriendly @Med_writer TY Andrew. So importance not to give up personal power when a becoming a patient. Agreed!”

“RT @JBBC: Thanks Andrew - I am in good company RT @nursefriendly: Top Influencers of #hcsm: @pfanderson @nursefriendly @GailZahtz @CancerGeek...”

“RT @NatriceR: @nursefriendly @DesocioMichele @PranaAlberta Wow! Thanks Andrew!! Appreciate being part of your twitter circle of friends and info #nurseup”

“RT @NatriceR: @nursefriendly @HealthyNaL always glad to talk to great tweeps #nurseup - Andrew has his fingers on the pulse of #nursing”

“RT @HealthyNaL: T1 @nursefriendly It was awful Andrew. Hence why I moved in with them as soon as possible. #nurseup”

Home of Healthy Now and Later

Home of Healthy Now and Later

RT @HealthyNaL: Hello all. My name is Leah Korkis and I am the founder of . Thank you to Andrew for having me today. #nurseup

“RT @colleen_young: Hi Andrew @nursefriendly it has been forever since you've been on an #hcsmca chat. @D_bourne too. Glad to have u both. #hcsmca”

“RT @Leadthediff: Thanks! @CyndyNayer Nice to meet you Andrew @nursefriendly! We are writing up our findings about #purpose in nursing and will share!”

“Glad you could make time for us Bethany :) RT @bmderricott Thanks so much, everyone...especially Andrew and Brenda! #nurseup”

“RT @CyndyNayer: @nursefriendly @tdahlborg Tom, meet Andrew who believes that nurses matter, are entrepreneurial. Tom believes in compassionate care, REDSOX”

“RT @CyndyNayer: @nursefriendly meet @FelixNater @OrcaHealth @WalkOfDames @VerbalApp they all care abt connectivity and health. friends, meet Andrew.”

“RT @CyndyNayer: @Leadthediff Steph, meet Andrew @nursefriendly he has FB grp Nurseup. They can help research. Btw pls like my FB CenterofHealthEngagement”

“RT @CyndyNayer: @nursefriendly do you know Todd @PRideas? He's quite kind at connecting Todd, Andrew has FB group Nurseup. Seeking entrepreneurial nurses”

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