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“RT @NatriceR: @nursefriendly @michelekimball add the increasing # of #clients w/dementia & other illnesses - going to be challenge to meet needs #Nurseup”

“ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: @couturehealth #Nurseup #NursesToFollow #IceBucketChallenge #ALS #Nursefriendly”

“I liked a @YouTube video ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

“RT @Colin_Hung: T1 @tatterededge @eyesteve I certainly hope people looked it up or asked the questions before doing the challenge #hcldr”

“RT @Asthma3Ways: .@drdonsdizon #hcldr I think it became cool to come up with a creative way to do the ice bucket challenge and to be challenged.”

“RT @roseperson: T1 the personal videos were a great draw, and the person "challenge"-- targeted peer pressure! #IceBucketChallenge #hcldr”

“RT @StuckonSW: A1 good thing, non-conventional way to promote care. #DoubtfireFace challenge for suicide prevention. As #hcldr prevention should be focus”

“RT @anetto: T1 The blog for #hcldr led me to look at more ice bucket challenges and found a few outstanding new people to follow”

“RT @tatterededge: T1:It did a great job raising money & going viral, I don't know if it really raised awareness. Focus was on getting wet & challenges. #hcldr”

“RT @nxtstop1: T1 The Challenge:Super 4 Public Health Awareness, even more than $$$.Neuro dz(hard 2 grasp),#millennials,natl unity re health issue~ #hcldr”

“RT @masterwellbeing: @nursefriendly Andrew thanks s o much for having me on your tweetchat! This was my first time and Loved the challenge #nurseup”

“RT @giasison: @mloxton Thats a good point Matthew. Our challenge then is to slowly have others share @nursefriendly @CTrappe @socialmedia #mhpchat”

“Difficult! #hcldr RT @Boiarski: @pfanderson @subatomicdoc @hcldr Having parents and grandchildren of the same mental age can be a challenge.”

“Like a "know it all student," a challenge-"@JBBC: @EBNursingBMJ i;d like to hear more about why nurses are scared of that knowledge?" #ebnjc”

“RT @GraniteDoc: @skipbidder Yes, that's the challenge, to make quality tracking seamless and instantly available. No extra clicks! #hpm”

“RT @TriciaHart26: Challenge for leaders is not developing followers it is developing more leaders , confident, assured, competent, resilient & patient focused”

“RT @ctsinclair: T1: Key if we got other interest groups to help tell the #hpm story. Not just self-promotion. But the challenge is what local groups...”

Information Rx - Home

Information Rx - Home

RT @pfanderson: @dleerad Perhaps part of challenge cd be addressed in partnership with #medlibs and #InfoRX program #healthlit #jacr

“RT @PracticalWisdom: T2: Do you believe digitally distracting workplaces impact safety? who should take responsibility for this challenge? @Docweighsin #hcldr”

“RT @PracticalWisdom: T2: Do you believe digitally distracting workplaces impact safety? If so, who should take responsibility for this challenge? #hcldr”

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