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“RT @VitalLifeSenior: Say thanks to Hollywood they got child birth wrong in the movies and they are doing the same in dying #hpm”

“RT @sandyhubbard: Parents, Is it a privilege or burden to know your children are (more) pre-disposed to certain conditions? #CPHC”

“RT @MSW_Ds: For #Downsyndrome, as w/ typical pop., studies show exercise, nutrition & routine benefit ability of our children & adults. #CPHC @GailZahtz

Anna and John J. Sie Center for Down Syndrome

Anna and John J. Sie Center for Down Syndrome

RT @GDSFoundation: Learn about best practices in medical care for children w/ #Downsyndrome at Sie Center: #CPHC @gailzahtz

“RT @GailZahtz: If you're a #parent of child with #genetic disorder in #Denver (or anywhere) you may want to join #CPHC at 1 ET to learn how @GDSFoundation

“Did you know, #obamacare plans provide #dental coverage for all #children under the age of 18? #nurseup ”

“T1 Many #children with #cancer were unable to enroll in potentially Life-Saving Clinical Trials in #Oncology. #hcsm #TipOfIceberg :(”

“RT @GailZahtz: Isn't helping others, our children, mentorship or sharing and speaking all ways to our own truths? @pfanderson @sandyhubbard @drdia #CPHC”

“RT @PacificCove: #braintumorthursday Brain cancer is the chief cause of cancer death in children.
For other cancers, just 0.12% of... ”

Reduce Your Child's Risk of Choking on Food

Reduce Your Child's Risk of Choking on Food

RT @ClevelandClinic: Choking is the leading cause of injury among small children under the age of 4. What's the leading culprit? Answer:

“RT @willcooktn: @VUMChealth please send some people to help in your Children's ER... A lot of people playing on their one can tell us what to do”

“RT @ekeeleymoore: Sadly ive seen parents fake passing of a child when they know the community tries to financially support the family #hcsm”

“RT @mmlearn_org: Often think about how my own children will care for me! World is changing so fast - what's in store for us? #eldercarechat”

“RT @primushscm: Agreed @7shores @anetto @LAlupusLady Its about the kids health, parents may nt always knw much abt eir children s' health as presumed #CPHC”

“RT @LAlupusLady: T4a $ no object, i'd start with the Doctors and the children... education = awareness, awareness leads to a wellness. #CPHC”

“A4 Do #Children get sick? Have Health Issues? Of course they do-why must #HealthLiteracy start later in life, how do so many Adults miss it?”

“T1 Everyday, you can read in the paper, children, senior citizens, hospitalized because someone didn't understand medication labels. #cphc”

“RT @CHopeMurray: @giasison understandable Gia, its very common eg the shoe's of the cobbler's children. It's a result of being outwardly focused #cphc”

“Women after having their children, were increasing dissatisfied with their experiences, started researching options not offered #rnfmradio”

“T2 With as much #marketing #advertising to children as #BigTobacco does, it doesn't surprise me that they are #hooking kids early. #aprn”

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