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“RT @CoachSharlotte: Usually the victim is in a catch-22. Stay and risk losing the children or leave and risk further harm or death #MHPChat”

“RT @JeamesSailor: @gailmariehs @ultrasoundangie @CoachSharlotte Thanks Gail for saying this. Fear is huge for many children. They do not report it. #MHPChat”

“RT @CoachSharlotte: The victim may be staying to protect the children, but CPS may view it has harm if the victim continues to stay #MHPChat”

“RT @JeamesSailor: @CoachSharlotte Here in Austin, women there are #safehouses and #YWCA facilities. Usually these are for women with children. #MHPChat”

“RT @angelawinnick2: #mhpchat many parents fear admitting abuse will bring state depts into home for child's welfare. Issue needs to be addressed for them.”

“RT @angelawinnick2: @JeamesSailor @nursefriendly @CoachSharlotte #Mhpchat saddest part is children pay highest cost in any abuse situation :( they're often pawn”

“RT @JeamesSailor: @angelawinnick2 @CoachSharlotte T1.Other than economical, there could be children involved and abuser tries to protect them. #MHPChat”

“Having A Child? Expecting Your First Baby? Learn more! Discover #LaborPains Rita Batchley, RN, BSN @thenursesnurse

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