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“RT @NatriceR: @nursefriendly CT glad I joined in! More awareness discussion needed for patients #MHStigma a great idea thanks Andrew and all!”

“RT @endocrine_witch: T1 it is always best to consider all options. Better to have that discussion sooner than later. @nursefriendly @ronibats #healthxph”

“RT @BioethxChat: Comments will not be taken as representative of your employer/company/org; all statements for sake of open discussion #bioethx”

“RT @shearerfellow: Welcome to our chat on healthcare equality and a discussion of ways to make sure everyone has access to healthcare. #cahpsa”

“RT @enBloomMedia: @nursefriendly @NatriceR @anetto @CareNovateMag we're discussion the latest @theIOM #healthliteracy paper released today #hchlitss”

“T3 Discussions are only as good as their #moderators #hosts & #participants. Let's all follow common sense, set good examples. #hcldr”

“T2 If the discussion is in #public and the #patient chooses to disclose, they have #FreedomOfSpeech on their side. #hcldr”

“RT @sandyhubbard: This is not a specialized discussion. Researchers discover medical connections to disparate conditions all the time. Very timely chat! #CPHC”

“RT @sandyhubbard: For our regular chatters and to new friends, please feel free to introduce yourself. #CPHC - All are welcome to join in the discussion today”

“Join us, to dive into challenges faced by #elder #caregivers, explore useful resources. Discussion @ 7pm ET on Twitter #Nurseup”

“RT @HealthSocMed: Tonight is an open forum. What does this mean? Everyone is welcome to ask Qs and drive the discussion however you'd like. (Ready, go!) #hcsm”

“RT @marlo5776: @nursefriendly I'm too anxious to help sometimes,too! Hi, thanks for this discussion on burn out! So many caregiving now! #nurseup”

“T2 It is best to let the #patient take the lead, offer to be there, let them lead the discussion. #hcldr.”

“RT @HealthSocMed: TOPIC 1 - Inquiring minds want to know: has media discussion of technical issues impacted usage? Discuss. #hcsm”

“RT @ruthcarlosmd: Lively discussion on should we rename DCIS. How do we actually talk about it with patients and manage patient anxiety over stage 0 dz #jacr”

tchat.io: #jacr

tchat.io: #jacr

RT @ruthcarlosmd: @SmethermanDana to join us at #JACR in 5 minutes. Thought provoking discussion on renaming DCIS. use .

“RT @gfry: @chcosts @MedSavingsDoc Indeed. But strong opinions shouldn't discourage the discussion. We see that too often. #hcpt”

“RT @drkdhoffman: I am so grateful for this incredible discussion about domestic violence! AWARENESS--We need to talk, talk, talk it up! #hchlitss”

“RT @rfberry: T2 - How important do you think it is to differentiate hospice from palliative care in every day discussions? #hpm”

“Will be talking to Dr. Berman tomorrow about a #Strategic #Partnership :) His #AffordableCareAct discussion was #Intense #RNFMRadio”

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